when traveling I like to get a hooker

Thursday, September 21, 2023 11:00 PM
this has always been a fun pasttime, until recently.... recentlly I have been getting more than a few trannies. the question is what do I do when I find out they have a cock? a. call hotel management and report them asap? b. fight with them and hopefully beat them up? c. go for the muddy highway and hold on for dear life? (we all know this is how MUDDY got his username) look forward to this discussion (RAW)


Good Lord, I don’t want to go here…
8 months ago
Haven't you seen the movie "Tangerine"? You find an Armenian and sublet.
8 months ago
I guess if I have to choose I'll go with B
8 months ago
Bend that Bitch over and make it squeal!
8 months ago
You pick them on the streets? How do you not know? Anyway, I’d say just try to suck it and fuck them in the ass.
8 months ago
Its too late now, this has made you gay. Time to suck some trannie dong and join a men's chorus!
8 months ago
Tell @minnow that the room is already paid for, sooo…….
8 months ago
Desertscrub, come out of the closet. You ordered him every time.
7 months ago
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