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Monday, September 18, 2023 3:14 PM
I’m always on the look out for a good series to binge / stream. Cobra Kai didn’t seem to appeal to me, but I kept reading good reviews so thought I’d give it a shot. I just finished season 3 (of 5) and it’s actually pretty good. It may not be the best show on TV, but it’s pretty fun. As expected, there’s lots of karate action, but there’s also plenty of humor, nostalgic flashbacks to the 80’s, and good storylines. Via flashbacks, they fill in some of the backstories of the characters. And the female characters ain’t too bad to look at either. High school girls in yoga pants. And before you start throwing out Pervy accusations, all the actresses are actually in their mid 20’s IRL. Older than many strippers we frequent.


  • RiskA
    9 months ago
    I find it entertaining too. Good writing, especially how they skewer “Johnny Lawrence” for toxic masculinity (‘80’s style) while redeeming him as a dude trying to do the right thing. And yay Ralph Maccio, an exec producer who lets himself be portrayed as the nerdy douche foil a lot of the time. A little too much CW “teen drama” crap, but overall it’s fun.
  • gammanu95
    9 months ago
    There is a movie, Happy Death Day, where the protagonist is a college coed. The actress herself is actually in her 30s and a prime piece of ass.
  • RamPaige
    9 months ago
    First 3 seasons was really good, especially those who loves 80's nostalgia. Season 4 is still entertaining enough, but very flawed story wise, especially compared to the previous 3 seasons, especially the finale. Let's see where season 5 (the final season) takes us.
  • himalayabound
    9 months ago
    I thought it was going to be corny as hell, but since I do taekwondo and like Bruce Lee and similar movies just to see the marital arts techniques, I started watching it and ending up binge watching all 5 seasons. I was very surprised by how good the writing and story lines were and thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, Peyton List (the actress portraying Tori), the woman who played Samantha, as well as the one who played the Latina mother that Johnny Lawrence was banging certainly didn't detract from the cinematography.
  • caseyx
    9 months ago
    I think I made it through most of 3 seasons before getting distracted with other things. Overall it was very entertaining. I agree with RiskA - good characterization of Johnny and LaRusso. Don't think too hard about what's happening - there are scenes like the brawl at the end of season 2 that are pretty ridiculous. But the mark of a good show is that you don't focus on that because the story is enjoyable.
  • ancientlurker
    9 months ago
    I liked it. I especially enjoyed how they presented both sides of the old feud. And Danny's wife is hotter than his daughter.
  • HoneyDewMelons
    9 months ago
    I was a big fan of karate kid so naturally when Cobra Kai came along I was right on board I mean it's fun and it's not that great of a show but it's nice to see the full characters grown up and doing whatever they do sometimes I think it's a little cheeky a little silly but still fun to watch so now I'm waiting with bated breath waiting on whenever the new season starts It's funny we have a whiteboard and all the shows were interested in are on the board and next to most of them or as soon as we know about them we have the date of when they're expected to come out well I was really getting into stranger things and I just found out a day or two ago it's not expected to come out until 2025 that's 2 years from now people I'm glad I actually write it down I mean who would remember that in 2 years if your show finally decided to pick up another season and I'll also be 65 so I'll be a little more senile than I am now..
  • ancientlurker
    9 months ago
    2025? Those kids will be going bald.
  • motorhead
    9 months ago
    Peyton List who plays the “bad girl” Tori is hot AF. She began acting as a kid but she’s a grown up 25 year old.
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