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Retired Burlesque Belly Dancing GoGo Girl
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Early Locations 1977-1985 Bucks County- Straccios...Cherry's...Spanky's...Red Raven...Willow Grove Naval Air Station...The Plaza (not really sure of location may have been Philly on Bustleton Ave) Philadelphia- Carousel Lounge...Cameo Lounge...Esquire Bar... Knights Road Tavern...7 Stars/? (One of my favs it changed it's name into something similar I think)...Tattletales Too (on the Blvd?) so many different tattletales at different locations...oy vey Worked at some other local bars but their names have eluded me over time as I only went once or twice to try out or went with another dancer or didn't make enough for my efforts... Later Locations 1994-2011 Bucks County- Red Raven...Tattletales Levittown...19th Hole...Golden Slipper/Black Widow New Jersey- French Quarter...Dragon Inn...Bare Exposure Philadelphia- Dangerous Curves/Club Risque...Tacony Club...All In The Family...Jack's...Esquire...Delilah's Den...Reedys Tavern...Dutch Gardens...Morrell Tavern...Diamond Dolls...Witches Inn...Bumpers PinUps...Bottoms Up...Daydreams...Hardbodies Dirty Eds...Ardmore Bar* Florida- Daytona- Pink Pony...Delilahs Den...Shark Lounge...Sundowner Bottle Club Jacksonville- J R's Lounge I'm researching vintage gogo bars in/around Philly. Feel free to add info on name changes/locations.ISO copies Unveiled Magazines pre 2000. Unfinished list so far. *here's a bar that eludes me even though I worked there a few times I call it the Ardmore bar... Pretty sure I got off at the Ardmore high speed line train station and walked a few blocks... I did call one or two bars in the area and I looked them up and one of the managers at 1 said he thinks I got off at Haverford where there's a bar or you used to be a bar but pretty much I don't think so that's why I called the Ardmore bar cuz I got off in Ardmore... So I went online and looked at how the station in Ardmore looked and thought about what street I would have came off of and started to walk up via Google Earth but of course after 30 35 years a lot of the neighborhood has changed and I didn't really see a bar but it looked like the path I took from back in the day...I guess I will never know unless I make a trip to Philadelphia suburbia and go check it out in person 69th St Speakeasy...This bar eludes me..only worked 1 shift I remember getting off at the 69th Street train in Philly and walking a couple of blocks and it was a weird little bar not only that you worked on top of the bar which I haven't seen that since early in my career I didn't even know that bars were sold out to do that when I got back into dancing in any case it was the first bar that I have known that girls were working on top of the bar in any case I'm only 5'1 and the ceiling was only like 5 ft so you kind of had to like hunch down a little bit as you were dancing or talking to the customers or whatever which I thought was pretty weird I can't imagine how the other girls did it LOL... But I didn't run into anyone that knew the name of that particular bar and it wasn't a fly by night bar it was there for a pretty good while... That's why I'm trying to find copies of unveiled magazine anywhere from 1995 until 2012 I'm not sure when Andy actually started the magazine but I wouldn't mind having even copies before that checking out the more vintage Gogo places before me I just remember a bar never worked there I heard it was a little rough like the ballpark the neshaminy bar yes some little bar inside the neshaminy motor inn funny as it turns out I only lived a couple blocks from there I guess I could have done it for one night just to see what all the hubbub was about and honestly I worked at Jack's for 8 years so there was never any extras there but that doesn't mean dancers and customers after the shift didn't go out to their cars or meet up somewhere and do whatever... No judgment here LOL... But the only thing I can say in ending this is that if it's a go-go bar or a stripper joint then that's what it is...if there's extras going on then it's a sex club I resent sex clubs trying to Brand themselves as a stripper joint and that's my thoughts... Unapologetic... Twit ...@1honeydewmelons Gram...@honeydewmelons