My unicorn

Monday, August 14, 2023 7:44 AM
I figure you all might need a positive story so here is mine. We've all had girls that we agreed to go back. And we agreed on a price beforehand and we're going along, and then she wants more. The dilema. Maybe we agree for the sake of a happy ending. Maybe we cut bait and live with blue balls. Maybe the choice doesnt matter, the boner is gone and it aint coming back. Nice GFE. Not. Well, that isnt this story. This is my unicorn and she is real. We agreed to market price plus a nickle, no song count, the first time and that is the deal every time without having to ever say a word. And im finding out she likes doing things with me and she does things most girls say no to. Same price. Last time she was extra good to me and when we were done i had an extra 20 and 50. She saw and asked if she could have the 50. And she was worth it. Any other girl would want at least another 100. I agreed. And she gave the 20 back to me. That, my friends, is as close to love as you get.

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Had a couple of those in my career. Wish I could tell you they last. Enjoy
9 months ago
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