Karine Jean-Pierre "From Here"

FUCK Joe Biden
Friday, July 7, 2023 2:24 AM
Ok when her predecessor wanted to dodge a question her favorite thing to say was, "I'll have to circle back." Of course she never circled back on anything. It was just a way to get off the stage, like a worm wriggling off a fish hook. Now this wig-wearing carpet muncher, when faced with a question she can't possibly answer, has created her own version of circle back. It's called "from here". "I'm not going to comment on that from here," she says. From here? What the fuck does that even mean? If you won't comment "from here" would you comment from somewhere else? How about meet us down the street so we can hear your comment? Sometimes she changes it up a little by saying, "I won't be addressing that from this podium." Oh hold on a minute. Would someone please bring out a different podium so Ms. Jean-Pierre can answer the question? I get it. Standing up there day after day, trying to defend the indefensible, is a near impossible task. Biden himself isn't capable of it, but instead of playing creative word games, he just flashes everyone the back of his bald fucking head as he walks off the stage. Anyway, the "from here" thing is wearing thin. Her act really needs some new material.


The whole Biden Administration act needs to be replaced with a different act and cast in '24.
a year ago
Don't get so upset. She is Haitian, short, black, and gay. How much can we expect from her. That's exactly why she was chosen. A watermelon with a dyed mop wig, shortie cigar nose, and big wax candy lips, would communicate better than her. Maybe biden should put Kameltoe Harris up there. Lol
10 months ago
Disregard merit...be prepared for the societal implications. KJP's biggest liability isn't actually her intelligence (which is about average if one is being generous). It's her terrible temperament.
10 months ago
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