"Smart" Guns

FUCK Joe Biden
Friday, April 21, 2023 7:33 PM
[view link] Directions for use: 1. Turn on 2. Scan face 3. Aim and pull trigger If gun fails to fire: 4. Press thumb firmly on print reader 5. Aim and pull trigger If gun fails to fire: 6. Throw gun at perpetrator 7. Kiss your ass goodbye sucker This, directly from the article: "a prototype twice failed to fire when demonstrated for Reuters this week" Yet the manufacturer is already taking orders.


They clearly didn't read the instructions carefully. Clearly, the user has to look straight down the barrel when making the first attempt to fire!!🎯🫣
a year ago
Yeah, I can't wait until my gun starts updating firmware when I need it in a self-defense scenario. Or the government can brick it if I say something offensive online.
a year ago
I guess this is what they mean by a throw away piece
a year ago
Yeah new technology always has its glitches - if the gun starts glitching-up just kindly tell the criminal to wait a minute while you work out the problem with the gun - problem solved
a year ago
Fortunately anyone ordering said gun almost certainly already owns 30 or 40 other guns that do work. I mean seriously this is the USA we’re talking about.
a year ago
Imagine your gun needs to open up a chat window with some guy in India so he can talk you through getting it to work while your fighting for your life. And then the Wi-Fi goes out.....
a year ago
Me: "Alexa, shoot the guy attacking me!" Gun: "Sorry, I didn't catch that, can you repeat that?" Me: dead
Mike Rotch
a year ago
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