Wife left me. Kids don't talk to me 😔

Icee Loco (asshole)
I'm a fucking loser
Tuesday, February 21, 2023 4:02 PM
All I have in life is swinging jack Daniel's. Trilling tuscl. And senior cage fighting. I may be a 5ft 7 250lb cross between Spiderman and hulk hogan with Bill gates money. But it just doesn't fill the void I feel from losing 2 wives and having kids who hate me. Not even my 6ft 7 blonde lady friend satisfies me when I take my generic viagra from India. I know I keep saying ill leave tuscl. But iceydodo is the only person in my life who gives me any attention and now he's gone too.

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  • Icee Loco (asshole)
    a year ago
    All I have left is tuscl and jerking off to Linda ronstadt and Barbara Streisand. While secretly yearning for a frummie of my own.
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