Icee Loco (asshole)
I'm a fucking loser
Sunday, February 19, 2023 12:40 AM
Anyone been or worked there?


  • Papi_Chulo
    a year ago
    When I lived/SCed in Dallas (2000 – 2009) Pandoras was part of my club-rotation – back then: + it was a BYOB dive + custies were mainly Mexican laborer-types that often came-in in-groups and mostly drank and just-watched + being BYOB it closed-late (most Dallas clubs served alcohol and closed at 2am) – back-then the club was mostly a weekend-night place (not much of a dayshift and pretty-slow on weeknights at least early-week) – being that it got busy on Fr/Sat eves; dancers kept fairl bus selling-dances on those 2-nights + back in the 2000s it was pre-Cubana-invasion and I’d guesstimate the dancer-makeup was approximately 50% Central-American (mainly Mexican w/ some Salvadorians/Honduran/Guatemalan); maybe 25% (white-trash) whitegirls; and 25% AA-girls; roughly speaking – the club was pretty-good-sized and on Fr/Sat eves probably had 30 to 40+ dancers I briefly visited Pandoras in late-2018 on a Dallas-trip and it seemed the club’s M.O. had changed a bit mainly in the dancer-makeup – in my brief 2018-visit it seemed mainly Cubanas and there also seemed to be more Cuban-custies – I didn’t get any dances in my 2018-visit; from what I recall if was still a dive and BYOB – given what appeared to be a heavy-Cubana-presence per my 2018-visit, could be the club may be a bit busier on dayshift and weeknights now (?) – but this club seems to rarely get reviewed so I would “assume” it’s currently not-too-good (?). There used to be an AA-dancer that occasionally posted on TUSCL that used to dance at Pandoras but her name/handle escapes me at the moment.
  • misterorange
    a year ago
    I work there right now. My job is to stand on the roof with binoculars, and if I see this asshole named 2Icee I alert the bouncers.
  • Icee Loco (asshole)
    a year ago
    Papi chulo thanks for the detailed info. Its really helpful
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