Dallas Extras 2022

Sunday, October 16, 2022 4:26 AM
I am planning return trip to Dallas for the first time since Covid. I know Dallas is not know for extras but have had limited success at the Lodge and more success at SR in the past. Like like more VIP experience so I did not enjoyed my time at BDDD as they did not really have VIP privacy and was not room for three. Last thing is we will visiting with Wife who enjoys a good time and is looking for extras. What is the state of clubs now in Dallas? Where have people had the most luck with extras in Dallas? Who seems to have the best VIP area with privacy?


  • patrickbateman
    2 years ago
    Baby Dolls Dallas is a major extras club
  • DickyDoo2
    2 years ago
    You can try Lipsticks. Be sure to buy VIP at the door ($30 for the day) and sit in the far booth in VIP. You and wife will get plenty of attention.
  • how
    2 years ago
    If "Dallas is not known for extras," then it's not getting its due... Trouble is, the extras are hit-and-miss at most clubs. The one club that has reliable extras is NOT suitable for bringing the wife, or any other person, because it is a dump. (Crazy Chicks)
  • wallanon
    2 years ago
    To say a town with that many clubs doesn't have extras ITC anywhere is a bad take.
  • how
    2 years ago
    I made a mistake in my answer. Not "Crazy Chicks" (Chicas Locas), but Chicas Bonitas is the "dump."
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