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In the VIP getting an Oral Exam
Saturday, July 2, 2022 7:19 PM
Stopping off in Dallas in 7 days for a 6 day fun fest before getting put out of stripclub commission for approx 2 months. Budgeting $4000 for dances as entry fees, drinks, stage tips will come out seperately. I have 2 guaranteed contacts at Baby Dolls Dallas that always make little et happy & both are scheduled to come to hotel on different says. So for you serious adult fun lovers, how should I schedule theither4 days/nights???


Bucks Cabaret in Fort Worth seems pretty popular. PTs in northeast Dallas seems decent.
2 years ago
Put out of stripclub commission ? Are you getting married ? I'd pick day clubs and night clubs. Or maybe do some day clubs followed by OTC action at night. The metroplex is huge, so plan around being in traffic some.
2 years ago
Day 1: One night in Fort Worth . Start at Buck Wild to get revved up (minimize lap dance here) $250 . End the night at Ricks Fort Worth (look for Jett or Heather) one or two lap dances to negotiate then straight upstairs for VIP ) $1000 . Skip Temptations unless you like a very trashy vibe Day 2: Back to Dallas for classy night . Start afternoon at the Lodge $250 . Mens Club for the whole night $1000 Day 3: recover Day 4: Latina night . Afternoon at Chicas Locas $250 . Finish at Zona Rosa $500 Day 5: Dallas . Hit the peep show to warm up $100 . Spearmint rhino to start (just drink. No lap dances) $200 . Finish night at Baby Dolls $1000 Day 6: Dallas . Spend entire day at Baby Dolls $800
2 years ago
If you've already got two OTC hookups set up that you like, not sure how much we can help you.
2 years ago
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