Boldly Going

Friday, September 24, 2021 7:08 PM
William Shatner ( age 90 ), is scheduled to go into space on Jeff Bezos Blue Origin rocket ship.


After all the stuff he said about George Takei after he came out as gay it seems odd that he is in such a hurry to ride Bezo's giant rocket powered dick into the sky.
3 years ago
The trouble between Shatner and Takei goes back to season one of Star Trek. They hated each other from the beginning. [view link]
3 years ago
Hope Bill's 90 year old bod can take the g-forces, 80 year old John Glen thru up on his trip, and he looked in better shape at the time.
3 years ago
I suspect that Shatner is approaching this with an attitude of "If I live, great. But if I die, it's the perfect stage exit." We'll see if it actually happens.
3 years ago
Yeah Capt Kirk may not survive that flight.
3 years ago
Man I've thrown up at the tilt-o-whirl at the state fair.
3 years ago
I would like to fly on Blue Origin, but I need a senior citizen discount. A big senior citizen discount.
3 years ago
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