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Monday, August 9, 2021 9:10 PM
Spent a few days in Tampa and hit 5 clubs. First club I visited wasn't actually in Tampa but in Clearwater, Diamond Dolls. This club is almost exclusively Cuban girls during the day shift. The reason I like this club is what is available in VIP. The lack of variety can be an issue, however. Next, I stopped in at the Penthouse Club around 9pm on a Friday. It was much slower than it was just last month the last time I stopped in. There were about 20 girls working and most were 7 and above but none interested me enough to go into VIP. I had a couple of drinks with a Dominican girl but wasn't too attracted to her and left around 11 with the bar about half as full as I saw last month. Covid fear? Don't know for sure. The next day I hit Bare Assets around 2. Maybe about 5 girls working by the time I left. The girls didn't get on stage until around 3. One very hot bodied 30ish girl would have been worth trying but I wanted to get back for a VIP at Diamond Dolls. Got my VIP at DD and left with a smile on my face and spring in my step. Stopped at Thee Dollhouse around 9pm and it was pretty slow at first. I got approached by a young attractive blonde before I had even taken a sip from my drink. That usually annoys me and I almost sent her packing. However, she was cute enough to talk to for a bit. I heard a crazy stripper story from a 20 year old girl with 2 kids and a mom who is/was a stripper drug addict. I ended up getting some $20 dances from her that was about the equivalent of a 30 minute VIP. She preferred this since they take too much from a girls VIP. The VIP in this club is not very private so you can't get high mileage dances anyway. Playing with a 20 year old is nice just to feel how soft their skin is and she let me secretly roam my hands when the bouncers weren't around. The next day I stopped at Oz and it was the exact opposite of my last stop. There were at least 20 dancers working and most were not attractive. It made me think of Deja Vu's slogan of 1000's of beautiful girls and 3 ugly ones but in reverse. There were 3nabove 7 working. Once big blonde easily weighed 180 lbs. One of the biggest strippers I'd ever seen. Had fun but there is a slowdown going on that wasn't there a month ago.

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