Dancers with natural big breast in Dallas / DFW

Monday, July 5, 2021 3:35 PM
which club should I go for big boobs in Dallas? I am talking about large real and natural. There used to be few girls worked at PT fit the description before COVID. Most girls left now. Any dancers recommendation for day shift at other clubs?


  • MackTruck
    3 years ago
    All over. Look for da flapper jack tiddys!
  • goodyman
    3 years ago
    During the pandemic days I met a dancer from Rhode Island with huge juggs at Bucks Wild.
  • RTP
    3 years ago
    So, you think women with big, natural boobs only work at one club?
  • Ltldrag750
    3 years ago
    Yes, maybe. PT probably my favorite byob club in Dallas. Most girls are natural. I only been to few clubs in DFW. The lodge only hire dancers 28 and over. BBD got more selections, but seem like 75% are Cuban girls, all fake MM tits and ass.
  • patrickbateman
    3 years ago
    The Lodge
  • Bavarian
    3 years ago
    PTs is also my favorite BYOB There were several dancers in the night shift with DDs Have not seen them since the new law passed that dancers must be 21 and up. That new law did more damage to strip clubs than COVID. Not sure why all the hot strippers happened to be under 21. I’m talking model types. Insane bodies and pretty faces. Man, we had it good at PTs.
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