OT Illegal Prostitution seems to be doing fine still

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 4:36 PM
Relative to the post about Legal Prostitution being dead, I've had a personal experience that reflects that guys that are Beyond Pathetic Losers are out seeking service. I installed a Ring doorbell camera 18 months ago because I travel a lot and it was a way to keep an eye on who is coming around my house while I'm out of town. I live in a Townhouse that is 2 units in one large building. I share a walkway with my neighbor and our front doors a just a couple of feet apart. We are located on a dead-end and it is very quiet around the small 30 unit complex. I told my neighbor that I could see foot traffic to her door as a byproduct of watching my front door. I even showed her the view and shared some unusual 3 am traffic at her door when she was on vacation. All was fine and traffic was sparse between us because we usually come and go through our garage. That was until recently. About a couple of weeks ago, I started to see traffic pick up but it seemed weird that they were men coming alone by themselves wearing a mask to the door. After a while, I saw as many as 3 or 4 guys come each day and it was always someone different. They usually stay just about an hour. While I was in Florida this weekend the traffic was crazy and I started to think she was running some kind of business that lone middle aged men came to visit her. Did she start telling fortunes for men who are seeking love? Well, not quite but she did improve their outlook on life for a short period after they left. Curiosity got the best of me when I got home so I googled her number. Low and behold, my 50+ full figured neighbor was running an ad for "Sensual Massage". It implies a happy ending at the very least, if not suggesting even more. Her appearance and demeanor, as I know her, made me think she was the last woman who would do this. I guess you can never tell a person by their appearance and I probably fit in that category too. I don't care what she does but the extra traffic when I'm traveling kind of irks me. I had forgotten to hold my newspaper and had an unexpected package show up while I was gone. She didn't open the door quickly for one of her appointments and I noticed him look down at the items piling up at my front door. I'll probably just confront her with my knowledge and make a deal with her to get my things from the porch if she see's more than one day of newspaper at my door. There are those in the community and rules about businesses in residences that could cause her problems. She's been a good neighbor for a long time and must be facing hard times. Counting heads, she's made at least $3K in the last 10 days or so. I have not a single bit of attraction in her to partake in her service so negotiating a discount on something I would never want is not an option. My 40 year old blonde neighbor near me would be something else entirely but, unfortunately, she has a good daytime job with tenure.


Not many places you can get a full service massage three steps from your front door. Maybe you need to reevaluate your needs taking the convenience factor into account.
3 years ago
Believe me, most guys would have a hard time getting hard from her looks. I don't even think going in blind folded would help me because I've known her for a long time.
3 years ago
Any chance that your "50+ full figured neighbor" has a "25ish busty daughter" that would work for her part time?
3 years ago
If you pay hookers and make fun of a hooker that's low
Icee Loco (asshole)
3 years ago
I've never understood how old, fat, nasty bitches work as hookers. I'd sooner buy a sexbot or just rub one out to pornhub.
3 years ago
Pretending you support women's rights and calling them a ho makes you a pathetic cock sucking progressive.
3 years ago
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