desertscrub needs a little of his own "Magic Wand 3050"

Sunday, December 6, 2020 7:03 AM
Incontrovertible evidence, his comment on this dancer's picture: [view link] The comment itself is nonsense, but that in and of itself isn't the issue, I've seen worse from both the left and the right in the last 12 years. No, the issue is that he chose to attack someone who *happens* to live in Oregon, just *because* they happen to live there. desertscrub has become increasingly deranged the last few months, and this just proves it.


'scrub is the most Ignored Active member of TUSCL. There is a reason for that.
3 years ago
Poor Scrub, I don't mind his comments but, concur this one was a bit too personal.
3 years ago
Not nearly as bad as what he said about LinzeeDet, but pretty bad. Scrub is a pathetic douche who, for some reason, thinks it's necessary to insult and try to chase away any new posters here, especially the females. I wonder what Founder thinks about this? I believe he's mentioned several times he was trying to get more female participation. Oh, by the way, Scrub is probably a pedophile too. [view link]
3 years ago
His shtick was funny the first couple of times, when it was directed at *obviously* shill reviewers. Apparently, he thinks his opinion of clubs is some kind of universal law of nature, because lately he's just been targeting people who are, in his opinion, more positive in their reviews than he thinks is deserved. Even though he's never (according to his review history) been anywhere neat the club in question.
3 years ago
He'll go from complimenting dancer photos for a few months to insulting them the next few months to being nice again for a few months and then back to making fun of them the next few months. I guess he's just on that part of his cycle again.
3 years ago
He doesn't realize the mirrors in his house are triggering this sad, sad behavior.
3 years ago
Maybe he’s lonely and needs to take frustrations out on random strangers, instead of his co-workers?
3 years ago
Thank you for including the word "increasingly" in the original post, thus acknowledging that he's always been at least somewhat deranged. His old thing wasn't just flagging obvious shill reviews, it was flagging ANY first-time review as a shill review regardless of the content - I've read many reviews that he called a club ad where the reviewer actually mentioned being disappointed with some things about the club. Thanks to Founder for making reviews that are awaiting approval anonymous.
3 years ago
He’s a shitbird who likes running his dicksucker about things he doesn’t know anything about. He probably works for the government. He sounds like a few gs types I knew with opinions about everything even when they know nothing.
3 years ago
Scrubbish - Hey, this behavior isn't a 'bug'; it's a feature of his personality. IRL -The central enduring conflict is whether to submit to authority versus asserting independence best expressed by this belief - “If I follow the rules, I lose my freedom of action.” On TUSCL, behind a wall of anonymity, he can play the bad ass wise guy; IRL he appears to submit to authority while deviously sabotaging any successful effort on his part. In other words he plays a mean game of 'wooden leg' -- Pretends to be Chester from Gunsmoke to Matt Dillon's authority. "Sorry, Mr. Dillon I really tried as hard as I could." No real disability just stubborn contrariness. There is a tendency to see any form of power as inconsiderate and neglectful, together with a belief that authorities or caregivers are incompetent, unfair, and cruel. He agrees to comply with perceived demands or suggestions, but fails to perform. He often complains of unfair treatment, and envies and resents others who fare better. On TUSCL we get a constant taste of his contrariness (e.g., frequently exhibits passively aggressive, obstinate, petulant, faultfinding, and sulking behaviors; gets pleasure from demoralizing, obstructing, and undermining the enjoyment others find in clubbing or posts. "Eve: He'll go from complimenting dancer photos for a few months to insulting them the next few months to being nice again for a few months and then back to making fun of them the next few months. I guess he's just on that part of his cycle again" That's another aspect of his negativistic [passive-aggressive] personality. Tends to be quick-tempered and moody. Poor self-regulation of emotions and behavior (e.g., fleeting thoughts and emotions are impulsively expressed in unmodulated form; external stimuli evoke rapid, capricious, and fluctuating reactions). As a result his unpredictable and vacillating behaviors provoke edgy discomfort and exasperation in others. And finally, while on first contact he's just annoying, he quickly becomes boooorrrring. How many years posting the same schtick-shit: 'Club ad of the day' Same with his other repetitive posts; lacks creativity and a sense of humor. Here's his only active photo, the sole example of his artistic judgment --- [view link] Oooooh, sexy, stunning 😃😃
3 years ago
What’s the issue he has with posting photos - and calling Joker a grandmother fucker? He’s making a mess of the photo comments with useless shit.
3 years ago
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