Thursday, January 16, 2020 12:09 PM
I understand how politics get into the discussions and am guilty of many nasty comments but I read this sight to get away for the crap spewed by the other media outlets. The current political vitriol from both sides on this forum reminds me of the endless discussions a few years ago about gun control both in favor and not in favor taking months to die down until everyone was sick of it. I know I am sick of the constant political discussions EVERYWHERE so can we discuss matters of REAL importance like shaved, partial or full bush. Maybe Tats: do you like nipple tats of tatted anus?

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  • Hank Moody
    5 years ago
    There are multiple discussion forums on this site for just that reason. Stay out of the political discussions forum and you should be fine. My guess is you’re looking at the board in All Discussions mode, though ironically you made this post in the Front Room. Ha.
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