Monday, August 26, 2019 3:55 PM
The level of fucktardery seems to have decreased somewhat, though I notice a familiar voice or two under new names. Fortunately, while not as nice as it used to be, the ignore features still works. Kinda wish it *actually* put fucktards out of side instead of just hiding what they did and then adding a sign that says "fucktard here" though. Really kinda miss that bit.


Being able to hide threads is great.
5 years ago
Ignore is awesome. I don't mind that it shows the ignored threads, if only because the trolls tend to work in waves. It allows you to see when they've decided to get active without actually having to deal with it.
5 years ago
I liked the features that kept them off the posts that you originated it gave you the ability to keep your posts on topic, but their activities have calmed down lately.
5 years ago
^^^ you better watch out before 25 goes all Andrew Como on you.
5 years ago
Poor whittle Georgie no dick. So sensitive he can’t even bear to see opinions different from his own. What a snowflake. I’d threaten to go wildebeest on dickless George but he isn’t worth it. Kicking poor pathetic dickless Georgie’s ass is really a mission for rickthehamster If I’m willing to read his pathetic whining he should open his mind to the truth. ROAR!!!
5 years ago
Fuck, fuckety, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
5 years ago
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