Fate's Cruel Irony: Older Dancers (and Women in general) Can't Get Enough of The

Friday, June 7, 2019 4:51 PM
My first post here, so please go easy on me, lol. As far back as I can remember I have been strongly attracted to older women (usually in the mid 30s-40s). But for the life of me I have yet to snag one for fun. Let me explain, since my late teens-early 20s I always had a thing for middle-aged women (that milf/cougar age). I would try to flirt and put myself out there, only to come up short. Oh I got dates and managed to bang randoms but always women my age or younger. I recall trying to flirt with this fine mom in line at the grocery store and getting ignored, only to be given the "starry-eyed" look by the young cashier. When Tinder became a thing, I set my age range up in the 35+ range, no luck except for once-off moms desperate for a "step-father" but when I aimed in the 25+ I would clean up and even turned down some dates because I felt it was just too damn easy. Even now, pushing to close to 40 I still like'em within that set age range but my current girlfriend is much younger than I am (late 20s). Now to the SC scene, was always the guy that showed up in the club and sought out the "veteran" dancers. I'd sit, observe, and wait, often turning down the young 19-20 year olds for a chance of lap refreshment from the 30+ year old dancer working there. Yet again as with life, it's always hit or miss (usually on the side of miss). In my experience the older ones normally stick to their regulars, are few and far between, or simply work other front-end jobs (bar tending, managing, etc.). One of those funny ironies, like older and middle-aged women, yet they seem to elude me in my life's en devours. I'm pretty certain when I'm pushing 70-80, I'm still going to want older women.


  • Papi_Chulo
    5 years ago
    I've always been into MILFs - they don't seem as plentiful in many SCs (many SCs probably discriminate against them). I assume most women don't prefer to date younger men (either out of preference or maybe they assume people would pass judgement, but I think it's mostly preference). I was gonna suggest a swingers club but the women there I assume go with their S.O. You may have to find some bars or nightclubs that cater to the older crowd.
  • flagooner
    5 years ago
    Hotel bars
  • san_jose_guy
    5 years ago
    Well, in the sex biz, all facets of it, there will be plenty of MILF's and GILF's. I like them too. SJG
  • Muddy
    5 years ago
    Oh man we got us a stud over here. This dude can’t even get the strip club dinosaurs to like him! Lol all day!
  • chowder
    5 years ago
    The vets typically work the day shifts. Plus you never know with the bar tenders or wait staff. You would be surprised how many are down. Especially if you ease in to it.
  • Jascoi
    5 years ago
    bibi at chicago club tijuana mexico. 49. I think definitely French heritage. I think she might be the younger sister Bridget Bardot.
  • JAprufrock
    5 years ago
    Love MILFs, even some hot-looking GILFs in the porn I've seen. The organization I am building will not discriminate because of age. There will be room for MILFs and GILFs. Experience matters.
  • ATACdawg
    5 years ago
    Amen, JAprufock! My ATF, and still champion, is 49.
  • IceyLoco
    5 years ago
    I can't stand their attitudes. Nothing in common, plus most come across as bitter, jaded and hardened hookers... plus they try to hustle too hard and aren't good at it.
  • gawker
    5 years ago
    Just one small bone(r) of contention. I know several strippers in their mid 30’s to mid 40’s who love to bed “hot” young guys. One recently told me she can’t put up with talking to them, but loves “robbing the cradle” with them because they are strong & take charge, have more stamina, and are good students who will follow her wishes more often. I can’t remember my late teens/early 20’s (during the 1960’s).
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