PSA for Reviewers

Monday, January 7, 2019 9:17 AM
Just FYI, if your “review” consists of nothing, or little, more than a recitation of your interaction with dancers, I’m probably going to reject it. By all means include pertinent information about dancers’ appearance, attitude, performance, etc. but if your review is “The club was dark and smokey. I got dances from X and D and they were good,” without mentioning prices, condition, etc, don’t be surprised if you see my rejection.


Also, be sure to send all reviews to rickdugan via PM for his pre-approval. He gets very emotional if a review he doesn’t agree with gets published.
5 years ago
Smashing that like button!
5 years ago
Agreed. I review these looking for specifics. All dancers strip. Most dancers are pretty. Give me a reason to check it out. Cost, safety, layout, clean pisser or shithole, gangster shit, stripper extras, cost for various services, lighting, true talent, bartender, staff, dancer variety, college club, black club, dive hole, etc...SOMETHING other than “it had strippers that were hot and they danced on my lap”.
5 years ago
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