Thursday, October 5, 2017 12:44 PM
[view link] I'm rooting for the baristas in this showdown!


Seems that my decision to cut caffeine out of my diet wasn't such a good choice. Java Juggs is an excellent name for a bikini barista stand - lol.
7 years ago
Seattle used to have a good club scene. The owners were mob and paid the Seattle establishment to look the other way. The powers that be got greedy and so did the club owners and basically the clubs became brothels. The girls were coerced by fines etc to do extras. The greed caught the attention of a straight arrow federal prosecutor and he got the owners on RICO and tax evasion. The Seattle powers suddenly became pious law abiding zealots. They have become the morality police in public to protect their jobs so they can continue to loot the taxpayers' pockets and strip clubs and bikini baristas are easy targets.
7 years ago
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