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Somewhere between her legs
Sunday, September 10, 2017 11:28 AM
I just posted this SC review, was it out of line or off topic? The review: I've lived in Houston my while life, 30+ years. Never have I seen it this bad. Truth is, Gold Diggers is the perfect place to get you or your car JACKED! wanted to visit them from open until 8pm-ish. Ended up being late and arrived at 705 pm to find an unmanned security vehicle on their parking lot, and at least 4 cars with freshly broken glass. Vehicles ranged from busted hoopties to newer cars. Dancers look amazing from following their Instagram, so I still have the dancers a 10.  Going to DM their IG to see what they have to say about the car situation. Still gonna try n visit this spot... But it'll be with an UBER, not my own vehicle! This incident happened 9/9/17


  • Call.Me.Ishmael
    7 years ago
    If I were thinking of visiting this club, this is information that I'd want to know ahead of time. Seems fair to me.
  • Chaz6422
    7 years ago
    @[view link].Ishmael cool... Just didn't want to appear like I'm just randomly club bashing... Simply sharing my experience. I'll write a better review once I get that uber/lyft lol.
  • mark94
    7 years ago
    A club's first duty is to provide a safe environment. You are providing a valuable service by posting this. Thanks.
  • hump_my_leg_12346
    7 years ago
  • Cashman1234
    7 years ago
    I agree with Ismael. When visiting a club - I don't want to be continually concerned about my car - as it detracts from my enjoyment (and the money I might spend) inside the club. I'd think that club management would understand the need for a safe environment both inside and outside their club.
  • ww
    7 years ago
    My only problem with your review is that I have not known this club to even be open on dayshift, which is when you claim to have visited. Club supposedly opens around 8pm and most don't even start coming in til past 11pm as it stays open late (5am). Not saying you didn't see what you saw, and it is the type of club to watch your surroundings, but I have also seen folks post info under the wrong club.
  • Chaz6422
    7 years ago
    **UPDATE** I updated my review too: From the S.C. Sorry about that but it was done by someone when the storm hit. Those cars never move they are owned by the club so they are not real customers cars that you saw. We have security every night from open til close but during to storm we was closed and guys were just thinking that they were maybe stalled out cars that had something in them but they are all empty and have been for months but thugs was out during the storm looking for opportunities... sorry once again My response: No problem, I appreciate the reply and reassurances about security. Been planning to come back for sure.... Gotta see what y'all have to offer! Sucks them jokers busted up those cars though... That's South main for ya! Smh Final response from S.C. Yea it's no joke but we always have security every single day so no need to worry and if it wasn't for the storm and the club being vacant that would have never happened. We been in this location for over 10years and rarely have any issues maybe once every few years if that. It's a hood type club but it's mainly working class customers with jobs that attend. Thx for thinking of us and hope you guys stop by soon
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