Slow but fun Friday

North Carolina
Saturday, September 9, 2017 5:04 AM
Went to a club yesterday and customers were scarce, girls maybe a few less than usual, but overall the ratio was in the customer's favor. Spent about and hour and a half alternating between two dancers... the first mid 20s with lots of tattoos (and perhaps a bit dull to talk with) and a more mid 30ish one who usually spends her time with established regulars there. They had the nicest bodies of the dancers available, in my opinion. The younger one kept dropping hints, about how she wasn't making much money that night, and when her shift would end. Giving me very firm grinding dances and allowing roaming hands on the floor... even a little casual accidental breast play, which is unusual in N.C. clubs in the front room. Although not quite my type, I was enjoying the "high school dropout rock and roll groupie" vibe she gave off. I made sure to remind her how much less she'd have earned, if I had not come in there, and she nodded her head in agreement. The older one was thanking me for buying songs too. Her regulars were just yakking with her and using up time - she was telling me it would be OK to continue to hang out there after I spent my money, and she even sold me my last 2 VIPs at a $10 discount when my wallet ran low on large bills. She used to dance at another club for several years, so she surely knows everything about "the biz". But I didn't want to stay super late. Strong chance I could have gotten a number from one or both of these, but I did not press and chalked up the night as entertainment. It's two more prospects that will remember me the next time I'm in the house, though.


  • Chaz6422
    7 years ago
    Had a similar experience lost night... Slow night, only stayed two hours, wrote it off as entertainment. Going to definitely be a regular at the s.c. I went to last night. No cover is always a plus.
  • DisRuptive1
    7 years ago
    Your money goes farther when no one else is paying. If you try to get either one of them on another night, they might charge more because they have other sources of income that night.
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