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Friday, January 27, 2017 2:48 PM
Ok folks here is the deal....my birthday is in february. And I usually do a hook up with my regular OTC stripper about once every two months now. We had been hooking up monthly for 400 for the last 2 years. Recently I bought a brand new car and moved into a new house so that cause our thing to only go down every 2 months. So we have already hooked up this month(jan) so I'm thinking that our next one will be march. She is trying to convince me that it would be "awesome" if we could hookup on my birthday in february. Ok so how exactly would that be an awesome birthday for me since i'm the one paying out $400? LOL! Does she have something extra planned? Is she going to spring for dinner maybe? If not why would it be good for me to spend $400 on something I can have any other day on my birthday? Is this her attempt at ss?


  • Papi_Chulo
    7 years ago
    I'd take it as SS and her wanting her $400 quicker or perhaps Feb *and* March - IMO most strippers often do what's best for *them* but they *are* unpredictable many a time - I'd just put the ball on her court and say "I'd love to meet w/ you for my b-day but I don't have the cash" then see how eager she is to "make it awesome for you"
  • Jascoi
    7 years ago
    papi chulo for the win.
  • crazyjoe
    7 years ago
    She wants $400 every month
  • K
    7 years ago
    I often celebrate my birthday with OTC. The dancer usually gives me an inexpensive gifts and maybe buys a drink at the bar before we go to the room. They have always stayed the night. Their services have always been above and beyond including a few threesomes. These have always been women I had an ongoing OTC relationship with.
  • warhawks
    7 years ago
    She wants $400 every time she even sees you no matter what. That's a strpper's mind set.
  • flagooner
    7 years ago
    I'd ask her if the meetup was your BD present.
  • ButterMan
    7 years ago
    Thanks for everybodies input except tittyfag(dont know what that shit was). I have come to the conclusion that she doesn't really have anything special planned and is just looking for an excuse to get me to hook up a month early. I think I'll stick to march!
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