Proven again! BJs are good for women's health

On the prowl in Tucson and Phoenix
Thursday, September 17, 2015 6:09 AM
[view link] Add this to your arsenal of persuasion tools!


"Other recent findings from Gallup’s laboratory suggest that semen-exposed women perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks" Sounds like there is truth to a joke i heard once Most women have had some onteligent DNA in them at some point in their life, but 90%of them spit it out
9 years ago
3 anti depressants in semen for women. That is if they swallow or get it inside them. Also leads to greater depression upon a breakup due to the lack of anti depressants they are getting if they were having regular unprotected sex.
9 years ago
I'd like to help out but I would have to stop taking the drug that gives me the retrograde ejaculations. I'm too selfish to do that. :)
9 years ago
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