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Friday, June 11, 2010 5:25 PM
Since we have several ATL guys, I will be 30 minutes south of ATL next week. Are there any clubs worth going to? Or is better just to save my money and go a Braves Game? OR save up for a trip to PP or Tootsies


gatorjoe2, I live 30 miles southwest of ATL. Personally I think the 50+ clubs in the ATL area are a waste of time and money. I have been to about 12 of them. Good points are: Most are totally nude and serve alcohol and have some good looking dancers. Eye candy is great. Bad point is the table dances are mostly air ($10). If you can find one that does more, It may be worth the expense to take her to VIP. YMMV. This will cost you $35-50 for 30 mins plus what ever the dancer charges. Minimum of $100 but can go way up. I would certainly avoid the big name clubs like Oasis, Chettah, and Pink Pony. The closest club to me is the GoldRush Showbar.I have done VIP trips there 4 times. 3 were what you hope for. I prefer to save my money for the monthly 3 day/2 night trips to the Columbia SC Platinum Plus. Of course I am spoiled there. I have been a regular for 9 years and know a lot of dancers and the ropes. I think, I would chance a strip club visit over a Braves game. But thats just me.
14 years ago
ATL to Miami is a 11 hour drive..ATL to Columbia is 3.5-4.5 hour drive. PP is much closer location and considering there is not much difference between number 3 and number 4 ranked club, I would go to PP over tootsies unless you really like latina dancers.
14 years ago
gatorjoe, Based on the latest news flash from SSN (Samsung Stripper News), recommend you cross Foxy Lady off your Atlanta club list.
14 years ago
I would strongly recommend Tattletales. Usually can have a very good time in VIP with the right girl, and 80% of the girls in the club are the right girls. Even if you only want a few lappers, remember that ATL lappers are $10, and most cities are $20 or $25. PM me for more details.
14 years ago
Can't speak from recent experience but used to live there. The places where you could get a good lapper 5-6 years ago were the black clubs. The trick is to get there at a time when law enforcement is not on a tear over the clubs. Crazy full contact from great looking girls (remember that Atlanta is not only heavily black but arguably the center of African/American wealth - finding good looking black girls there is like finding great looking latinas in Miami) may go on for months and years to be suddenly replaced by air dances (which is the norm at the big name clubs in the area), plus a couple are usually shut down (to reappear a few months later under new management) If anyone here remembers the Gold Club/NBA player scandal of about 15 years ago, you can get a sense of the police attitude towards contact in clubs - anytime it starts to become public knowledge, they make sure it goes away.
14 years ago
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