Meeting a Stripper for an OTC Session

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 7:00 PM
When I meet a stripper for an OTC (outside the club) Session it is for one thing - sex.&nbsp; Sometimes I may take them to dinner afterwards but usually when the sex is over they want to be on their way and so do I.&nbsp; I never take them shopping (invitation to be Ripped) and don't try to play the dating game with them (fools errand).<br /> <br /> I try to have the price negotiated upfront and meet at a motel like Palace Inn (her in Houston you can rent room for 2hr and it seems they are not that far from a nearby SC LOL).&nbsp; I convey to them that session&nbsp;is for one hour and an idea of what I want.&nbsp; Sometimes I have had to pick them up&nbsp;in a sleazy area and this&nbsp;can make me nervous.&nbsp; One&nbsp;had her mother drop her off at the motel after I got the room.&nbsp; Another, her BF came out to the car and said &quot;she will be out in 10 minutes, you know how women are.&quot;&nbsp; &nbsp; The important&nbsp;thing is that they arrive&nbsp;on time and you take into&nbsp;consideration traffic in the area and how it will affect eta.&nbsp; The one I have been seeing&nbsp;for slightly over a year rented&nbsp;the room prior to my arrival and was naked on her laptop (except for a pair of glasses) and cheerfully greeted me when I arrived.&nbsp; We both agreed that these sessions are a &quot;fantasy zone&quot; and not for drama.&nbsp; Avoid the drama queens and my article on &quot;Dealing with&nbsp;Dancer Drama&quot; deals with that.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> What to take to the session - A sort of Players Stripper OTC Kit:<br /> 1.&nbsp; Condoms - I prefer Trojan Magnum Thin<br /> 2.&nbsp; KY Jelly - Seldom needed <br /> 3.&nbsp; Money - But have it hidden;&nbsp; it may be a good idea to lay it out on the night stand so she can see it (first time) so she does not get insecure about being paid.&nbsp; Above all do not show her any additional money beyond session amount!&nbsp; Be careful of her getting into your pants if they are unattended or if you are distracted.&nbsp; A ROB trick is all of a sudden for to need your keys to &quot;get her purse&quot; out of your car and she's rifling thru your pants while you are laying in the bed in a daze.&nbsp; Another ROB trick is if she shows up at session complaining about how her wisdom tooth is hurting her (like she can't do sex and wants you to pay anyway).&nbsp; Don't pay for nonperformance!<br /> 4.&nbsp; Viagra - If you use this try to take half or hour before on empty stomach.&nbsp; Estimating accurate ETA is important!<br /> 5.&nbsp; Weapon in case Angry BF shows up - Never had this happen - Mace, Knife, or Gun will do.<br /> 6.&nbsp; Camera - She may be open&nbsp;to posing for photos.&nbsp; I have had them do this for as lttle as $10 extra.<br /> 7.&nbsp; Anti Bacterial Soap<br /> 8.&nbsp; Cell Phone - you will need this to text her the room#<br /> <br /> Always treat her like a queen and compliment her.&nbsp; They like seeing the sex in mirrors if the hotel has them sort of like watching a porno movie except your the star!


  • Dudester
    15 years ago
    Well done !!! Since my OTC Gal was black, I had to take lights along with the camera, and we still had dark spots in the room (her feet disappeared)-even with all the lights on.
  • samsung1
    15 years ago
    Just wondering what are some of your best compliments to give during the OTC sessions?&nbsp;
  • stripclubspy
    15 years ago
    best compliments to give your OTC girl:<br /> <br /> &quot;My, those boobs look real!&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Wow, you're fantastic!&nbsp; I've never cum before during sex&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;I love the way you make a mess and then clean it up, all with one oraface!&quot;<br /> <br type="_moz" />
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