Tijuana strip clubs and hotels

Saturday, January 13, 2024 6:17 AM
I have been going to TJ for 2-3 years now and it did not take long to 1- get addicted 2- start hating USA clubs 3 - hating myself for not knowing this sooner lol With that being said, there are only, in my not so humble opinion, 2 clubs worth going to and 3* worth mentioning : Hong Kong, Chicago, and Adelitas* Each have their pros and cons and you can read reviews for longer in depth synopsis ...and for those who have only been to USA strip clubs, what you read is true.... you'll be shocked to hear some of the stuff but remember, it's a red light district. HK - Large volume of high quality women. can get crowded. Maseros often bug you unless you have bottle service. Getting to be more pricey very often inflation. Both natural and fake bodies. VIP card . Best hotel on the strip. Chicago (cc) - Starting to get the reputation of being as good as HK (some say better now) for the women/vibe. Less woman to choose from. Maseros often bug you but less maseros in general (but less crowd too , so less for the maseros to bug) . Better Fichas (in my opinion). Hotel isn't as nice. Pricing for drinks/women are about the same, may a tad cheaper than HK. Often plays USA music. I like spending time for a drink here just to get away from the loudness of HK. Also, Pro tip: bring a dollar for a shot of tequila with the door guy :) Adelitas - closed down. A mixture of the vibes of HK/CC on women,drinks, dances, etc. Hotel was crap though. The best part about Adelitas was the diff vibe of women. They came from other countries such as columbia, venezuela, etc. This may be in part why they got shut down. They were building a new hotel, so my guess is they'll re open when that hotel is ready ? Not sure though. Although I say only 3 are worth mentioning... there is a 4th that isnt my cup of tea and that is tropical bar. I have only seen 2 or 3 girls I'd even be willing to spend my time and $ with at this bar. I used to hate going bc it was always smoky but now there is a no smoking in the bars law which I LOVE. Other options hotels : Revolucion street which is where you can shop, go to pharmacies, get some better food...hotels for Rev : Hotel Caesars (their restaurant created the caesar salad ). Good food, good vibe for lunch/dinner. about $100/night. bar girl friendly. Can bring a girl to room for the night with no issue. Hotel Ticuan - I havent stayed but know others that have. Little better than Caesars from what I hear . Maybe $20 more. Gives you a free breakfast though I believe. Maybe about 1 km from the main strip of clubs. If you have stayed somewhere else , let me know with pros and cons. In the end, if you normally go out with the boys for your birthday or whatever, and spend $500 in a few hours at a USA club...I HIGHLY suggest going to TJ for 2 days. In my opinion each book a room at hotel cascadas. Get a VIP card (just ask the door guy where to get one or read/watch reviews) , and thank me later. You are welcome , in advance. I always accept tips in currency ;-) - 2 Buck B


watch out for the bandits with badges. hide most your money. and don't carry any drugs.
4 months ago
Ticuan is a nice hotel. They even have a Hot tub room. The girls must have ID and check in at the desk, but no grief bringing girls up to the room. The free breakfast is a hot food buffet and decent. I have also stayed once at Hotel Revolution. NEVER again. What a hole.
3 months ago
I have greatly enjoyed Tijuana zona Norte for 9 years. but I still enjoy a good USA strip club occasionally. but I do have a better sense of value because of my experience in HK, adelitas, Chicago, tropical bar... now that I've been to Thailand for 4 weeks that sense of value is much enhanced. The only problem with SE asia is just the travel time and airfare.
2 months ago
as far as hotels go in Tijuana, my experience has been cascada, rizo, coahilua (above adelitas) jalos (above Chicago). the best in the zona is rizo in my opinion. cascada is a close second.
2 months ago
I don't like jalos at all. hotel coahula is better but lacking compared to cascada and rizo. I had not stayed in any other hotel in Tijuana away from the clubs. but that's something I need to explore other options because I'm getting fed up with the hassle that Hong Kong is creating with enjoying the ladies (new rules and costs.)
2 months ago
Jascoi - I like cascadas or rizo for 2 reasons : 1- convenience of being literally next door to HK 2- The few times I've gone to Rizo, they try to give me a downgrade of a room at the same price I paid for. Last time I paid for a master suite and they tried giving me a regular room telling me that was the suite. They argued a while. Just got annoying. This has happened more than once. As far as Asia goes... I very much so want to go but not alone. I work in the travel industry so airfare and time is not an issue for me (luckily) but finding someone who can go with, that's a diff story. The PLAN was Thailand (and / or philipines) and Colombia this year but with how things have shook out so far early on in the year, I'm thinking the plan is changing to Belize and Aruba (believe it or not, much cheaper for me) ... we will see though! I can see how goign to Thailand would change your perspective on TJ. When did you go? What were the going rates ?
2 months ago
once in Thailand you can find hotels and bars/clubs and girls half the price of tj.
2 months ago
Yup lol u start to realize American strip clubs are a waste of time when you can go and get instant guaranteed sex for a cheap price. After experiencing that u will never go back lol
Mr Monger
2 months ago
I didn't read all of that and I will. But some of the girls that were in Adelita, I'm finding in other border town strip clubs clubs like Hawaii club in Los Algodones and Las Mosca in Mexicali. They don't give a fuck they got Colombians running up through there.
10 days ago
I was doing some research after reading about TJ and come to find out HK club seems to have less than desireable women and the ones in images and at front of place are only to draw the guys in. I was actually thinking of just heading to San Diego and down to TJ for maybe 2 or 3 days to check it out, but ultimately it seems like a letdown. I looked at the YELP reviews and many people saying prices went through roof and every single person has their hand out. I take the reviews with a grain of salt, but also makes me hesitant. I mean c'mon is there anywhere that a guy can get some pleasure anymore without all the hassle and waste of time?
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