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Adventures of Assjobman
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Been a member of this site for about five years now. Through this site and many trips to the club I know exactly what I'm looking for to get an enjoyable experience that is worth the money I spend. I love strip clubs because I love women showing off their bodies in skimpy clothing, and also willing to let you enjoy touching them. My favorite dancers are curvy dancers: a woman with a huge rack and a big curvy ass is my weakness. I don't care whether these parts are surgically enhanced or natural, as long as the feel is natural enough and not rock hard. A dancer with those features, combined with an easy going attitude and willing to indulge in some of my weird requests will happily earn my money every time. Weird requests? Yes, I am a weird guy. I have three fetishes that aren't very mainstream. I love titfucks. Ok, maybe that's mainstream lol. I also love assjobs. This second fetish is probably why I enjoy the club so much, since a lapdance is basically a clothed assjob. Plus I love thongs and g-strings, so much so that I'd rather see a thong covered ass than a naked ass. See, weird right? Good threads: New to clubbing? Experienced strip club patrons give a newbie some advice on what to watch out for: [view link] The origin of the infamous taglines of TUSCL. [view link] PLs (and a dancer) share some of the dumbest mistakes they've made in a strip club: [view link] Advice on handling dancers snuggling up to you uninvited, then asking for a tip for her time: [view link] Advice on handling aggressive dancers pressuring you for a dance. [view link] Discussion on regional strip club differences. More specifically tip parade clubs and the accepted norms which seem strange to outsiders. [view link] Thread on tipping for regular dances/dancers up charging, customer and dancer perspectives: [view link] Got a stripper texting you frequently? This thread shows what those texts really mean: [view link] Advice on handling ROB dancers who overcount songs: [view link] A discussion on the mental and psychological effects of stripping: [view link] One of the MANY discussions of the best pants/shorts to wear to the club for maximum feeling during grinding and best for containing any 'spillage': [view link] Map of Zona Norte, Tijuana provided by SJG: [view link] Related videos: A funny show where the hosts discuss LDKing in the strip club [view link]