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No One Cares
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My Review Basis: I Like to Shop for the BEST escape. Likes: * Women in their Late 30s to 40s. But I’m not opposed to girls in their Late 20s who know what they're doing. * The GFE fantasy and Girls that actually take the time to get to know you. Prior to asking for money or a dance. Dislikes: Clubs that do not cater to making the time spent enjoyable: Money Scams, forcing the à “Buy-Me-Drink” Policy, High Entrance Fees, Bad smoke filled Air, Overbearing Bouncers, Interrupting House Mothers, Bad DJs, Scamming Waitresses, Dirty Couches, Hidden Cameras, Timed and Cut Music, ROB behavior, Allowing girls to dance who have no business in a strip club. And the Big One: “Set Prices on dances” and clubs that take a cut per dance. ....and Ultimately, anything that makes this form of entertainment “poor quality” for the money being paid.