NFL Draft in Detroit

Sunday, April 21, 2024 11:18 PM
So I'll be in Detroit for the NFL Draft this week. I've been out of the SC game for quite awhile (preCOVID) due to health reasons. But I'm bringing a fat wallet and plan to hit up some of my old favorite clubs, like Flight Club or Landing Strip. I've read that most of the Detroit proper clubs have been tamed from previous years. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for an old timer getting back in the Detroit/Inkster game. Particularly, any ROBs I should be aware of. Can PM if needed for confidential info. Thanks in advance.


Flight Club or Landing Strip - it’s debatable on which one is the best these days (always flip flops). BTs is a decent back up option as well.
a month ago
No wonder flight prices to Detroit were higher this week, I shoulda figured that out myself, I was hoping to make a monger's trip (would have been my first time to Flight Club, have heard and read so much but never gotten there!) but decided to rearrange the calendar, now it's going to be a long time before I get another chance. Have fun there! Report, write reviews!
Book Guy
a month ago
Flight Club and Landing Strip are your best bets. Costs have gone up, especially at the Flight Club. At LS you will get more bang for your buck (so to speak).
a month ago
I wrote a whole article on the topic recently. See details there.
25 days ago
Thanks 3131. Good info. Ant ROBs you can think of that I need to steer clear of?
25 days ago
No ROBs I can remember. Occasional GPS. I have never had a Detroit area known extras club girl not fulfil the agreed upon services. Clarify upfront what you want. Agree to a price before going to the room. Even quite a few will ask for upfront payment. Do not assume that every girl at an extra club is an extra girl. Seems to be an increase in the younger fitter girls doing dances only. I've also never had a problem with valet. But I uber most of the time anyway.
25 days ago
Have fun at the draft and tell us about your first round pick at Flight Club.
24 days ago
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