Just a few TJ updates that folks might be interested in after my recent trip.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 9:43 PM
Just a few TJ updates that folks might be interested in after my recent trip. Not really specific to one club so, I think it makes sense to post it here. I crossed the border around 4:00 PM Monday night. There were no Mexican customs officers in the Gringo line. The officers in the Mexican line simply waved me through with no passport check. There were no lines coming back to the US around 11:30 PM. Very similar experience Tuesday evening. They did check my passport card but it was very quick. The line returning to the US Wednesday around 8:00 in the morning was probably two hours. Thank goodness for Global Entry/Sentri. I have zero patience for lines so, for me, the $100 for five years is money well spent. They now sell HK VIP cards at a desk immediately next to the check-in desk at Cascadas. The attendant asked for my photo ID and I assume that they keep some kind of database because he mentioned that it had been a while since I have had a HK VIP card. YMMV. The only club that was really hoping was HK. Note that early in the week the top floor and large area behind Miami were closed. They are also doing some renovations to the half of Chavelas that is closest to the alley so I think that makes it feel more crowded than it actually was... Chicago had about 15 girls and the smaller clubs had fewer than that. Of course, the number of mongers was way down as well. I know that the safety question comes up often. I've never felt unsafe in Tijuana. I limit myself to only a couple of beers, take taxis and ignore anyone that approaches me in the street. I will say that what probably felt least safe was encountering several unhinged homeless people on my walk between my hotel and the America Plaza trolley station in San Diego. I know that the cost of bringing non-HK girls back to Cascadas has been a hot topic lately. I won't repeat my experience here but, check out my review of Gold Palace for my experience with that.


Thanks for the updates. I've been tentatively planning a trip and trying to decide between Sat-Tue or Thu-Sat. I definitely want to check out the smaller clubs this time around, so it would see based on your review and updates that I might have better luck on the Thursday and Friday nights? (Even though it does seem you lucked out with one Monday pull from GP?)
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Ron, I would say it’s more of a buyer’s market (more favorable to us) early in the week (Mon-Wed). Certainly not as many ladies available those days, but most are more willing to accept your offer in my experience.
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