Mettler's Wet T-Shirt Contest, Mankato MN

Saturday, April 13, 2024 8:10 PM
Hey, I've heard Mettler's has a Wet T-Shirt Contest on Saturday Nights in Mankato, MN. Has anyone gone recently? Is it any good?


There are Minnesota girls there. How good could it be, really? Well, I suppose with big asses come big boobs, so there's THAT!
a month ago
Wet T shirt contests are like nude beaches... the ones that shouldn't be baring it are the ones doing so.
a month ago
I don’t think small town clubs get that much attention on here. The last review is from 2023 though. But considering the review said cover charge is usually $3, it’s probably worth it to go on and take a look. Please write a review if you go
a month ago
It’s been forever since I’ve seen a wet tshirt contest. They used to be much more common.
a month ago
Here is the worst case scenario if you don’t have to go out of your way to visit Mettler’s and you like boobs. You pay a small cover charge, probably pay a reasonable price for drinks and you see boobs. Like nice spice said, small town clubs don’t get much attention here so there probably won’t be much intel anyone can give you. But my experience with small town clubs is that they are usually a good place for a low key and inexpensive time. If that’s the expectation you go in with, it’s probably worth checking the place out.
a month ago
Was there for a wet tshirt contest a couple of years ago. There is a local university and so most of the 5 or 6 contestants were college aged. Girls were pretty cute, about on par with the normal dancers, and some got into it. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but it was fun.
a month ago
Isn’t Mankato home to a plethora of blonde/blue eyed northern European ethnic coeds? Show me some of those bacon bits, please!! I read an article that town brought home 2 NCAA basketball championships (division 2), so they must have reasons to celebrate in a town less than 100,000. Give me some Bippity boppity blonde bacon bits!! Bacon!!
a month ago
I haven't been to Mettlers in awhile. But like others have stated. Cover Charge is low. Typically decent dancers when I have been there. Also the big "IF" factor is if the college girls show up to the wet t shirt contest. Which I would assume they do. Might only be a few. But it is located in the downtown bar area. So for $3 swing in... and if it is bad. Enjoy the rest of the night downtown.
a month ago
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