Phoenix vs Tucson

Thursday, November 23, 2023 3:04 AM
I’ll be headed to PHX for work in a few weeks and plan to go a few days early to maybe play some golf and check out the clubs - last time I was there as a PL was 2019 just before COVID and Bourbon St was awesome, Hiliters was hit or miss. What are the best clubs now? Or, do I take a drive south to Tucson for the weekend? There aren’t a ton of late reviews here for Tucson clubs but it sounds like they are more liberal in terms of VIP. Maybe not worth the drive ?


  • Mate27
    8 months ago
    Any place you go you get better results being a regular. Pick a place to let girls know you will repeatedly donate $$ for time and service, but that doesn’t happen in one visit.
  • azdd
    8 months ago
    In my opinion, none of the clubs in AZ have returned to pre-COVID glory, but depending on what you’re looking for, you can find it. Bourbon and HiLiter are probably still your best bets in Phoenix, Bourbon for eye candy but low mileage, and HiLiter for a few lookers, lots of Cubans, more ink/metal, and generally more mileage in VIP. In Tucson, Curves and Raider’s Reef are owned by the same group as HiLiter. Curves has some decent lookers, and their VIP setup provides enough privacy for more fun and games with the right dancer. Raiders is higher mileage, but in my opinion lower quality dancers. Venom is the UHM club, but I haven’t been there in 10 years, and everything I read suggests the talent level if bottom shelf. In Tucson, don’t waste your time with Ten’s, Love Cabaret (formerly TD’s East), or Christies by the airport. Is it worth the drive from Phoenix? I don’t think you can find anything in Tucson better than HL or Bourbon, and I live in Tucson. Safe travels.
  • Heellover
    8 months ago
    Depends on what you are looking for and of course every visit (and each night/each interaction with a dancer if first time seeing them) will be different. If you are looking for the hottest dancers then Bourbon Street Circus is in my opinion the place to be (night shift). I was there last night as I was already in the area and had an about an hour to spend. I didn't have too much money on me (don't like using arms at clubs) and went in knowing I was just going to stage tip for awhile. Holy smokes the quality of the dancers there is absolutely top notch. I don't know if that was the usual weekend team and a lot of the dancers will be out of town tomorrow (one dancer I talked with was leaving to go out of town for Thanksgiving), but damn absolute smoke shows all night. I sat at the second stage for awhile and I give it the 7up -every dancer a 7 or above- seal of approval. They are pretty low mileage as azdd stated above, which is why I don't visit often. I don't have deep pockets/money to burn by any means and it was about 4 years between visits for me. But some of that time was the covid shutdowns as well. But if you are looking for some really hot dancers, then BSC is a great choice. I can't speak to the VIP mileage nowadays as I just stage tipped, but I remember it being low even before Covid which is why I rarely went and might not be in for awhile either.
  • Jacks4thson
    8 months ago
    Thanks AZDD. If you are local to Tuscan and still recommend PHX that says a lot.
  • mark94
    8 months ago
    As Tourist season approaches, you’ve got be aware of the Calendar. Tucson Gem show. Phoenix Open. Spring ball. Barrett Jackson. Bowl games…… During those times, the clubs get VERY crowded, prices go up, and ROBs from colder climates descend on the clubs. Many locals stay away during those times.
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