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Jada Stevens

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 5:13 AM
Lucky bastards, it looks like one of my favorite all-time pornstars Jada Stevens will be a feature dancer the from 9/22-9/23. Do you guys get a lot of the big-name girls up that way? The most we have had was a midget chick from OF not my cup of tea lol. [view link]


Fun fact, when I worked for Jenna Jameson, I roadied for her at Foxy Lady, Providence, I swept the money off stage after each song, I took the Polaroids ($50 each) Jenna got $4K per set. 12 sets, over 3 days I recall. I think cover was near $50, about 20 years ago. No feature will ever come close to JJ
9 months ago
I hope they are paying her well, because the Caddy has been pretty slow, (at least during the day shifts). Maybe this will bring in some customers, but with the high prices…….
9 months ago
I bet most guys on here don’t even know who she is, and I’m an extra loser because I do.
9 months ago
^^ You’re right. I never heard of her. Had to look her up. Definitely not my type. It takes all kinds I guess.
9 months ago
No, thank you. She's a 5 in my book.
9 months ago
I've been to Caddie when there was a feature dancer. Both times it was by accident. If you're a big fan of that dancer, then I guess it's worth it. But it's a ball-ache for everyone else. More expensive, more crowded, and it's often amateur hour(s). Also, it's a great way to discover the miracles that are performed in porn with makeup, lighting, and filters in Premier Pro.
9 months ago
To the OP's original question, the only club around here that has feature dancers is Caddie. So, whatever you see on their website or IG is what we get around here.
9 months ago
Jada Stevens yeah she's cool. A lot of these girls aren't as hot in person though, and Jada's been around a minute now. But Jada Stevens while I think is a pretty girl, with her it's ALL about that ass.
9 months ago
Many, many years ago I just happened to hit up Caddy on a Saturday night when they had a feature dancer named Rubber Doll. Her act involved a chainsaw, metal cock, and sparks. Not what I was expecting and definitely not my cup of tea. Memorable though.
9 months ago
Yea Jada was never a 10 in the face for me but during my initial introduction to porn she had one of the best asses to watch if you’re an ass man.
9 months ago
Caddy has had a few nice feature dancers. I remember they had Tori Black, Teagen Presley, Ali Haze, and Jillian Janson. All were memorable visits
8 months ago
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