New Orleans "3 PMer"

Monday, February 22, 2021 9:44 AM
"Joshua Jamal Williams, 27, reportedly walked into Jefferson Gun Outlet carrying a pistol with an extended magazine unholstered on Saturday. When staff approached to ask him to unload his weapon, Williams fired off a warning shot and then fatally shot 47-year-old store clerk Noah Fischbach." "A woman who identified herself as Williams’ mother wrote to Facebook: ‘My son did not go into that gun range shooting!’, according to NOLA. ‘Joshua was fired at by employees of the gun range and other folks in the gun range! He was murdered! (Rest in peace) my love, you will be forever in my heart!’" Oh yeah, he was such a good boy. Seriously, who walks into a gun store with a loaded and unholstered weapon unless they're a fucking psycho? [view link]

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They shot him because his is black, of course. Some family member was quoted as such on the news. They harassed him because he was black. Why did they allow all those white people to have guns? The white people were threatened by a black man exercising his First Amendment right, so they shot him, etc. Yep, he said First Amendment :-)
3 years ago
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