No interest in cam shows: What am I missing?

Friday, March 27, 2020 10:56 AM
I know a few strippers who are trying to replace their lost income during the COVID shutdown by providing pay for view cam shows (e.g., onlyfans). Given all the high-quality free porn on the web, cam shows have very little appeal to me. What am I missing? Is anyone finding cam shows to be an acceptable alternative to porn or to live interactions?


Some of the dancers I know do onlyfans, and they've got some regulars who will also buy content from them there, too. You're not wrong about the amount of free content out there, but most of the people in those vids aren't going to be people that customers know. From that perspective I get it, but can't say I've ever used it so this is all secondhand info. As for cam sites, I don't really use those either but wouldn't be opposed to checking out a show by a dancer who's been on TUSCL to show a little support with the state of things.
4 years ago
I concur; just give me some good lesbian porn and I am all good: [view link]
4 years ago
"What am I missing?" Not much. To each their own but I agree with you, with so much free content available, why pay for anything but the real thing. I understand trying to help out a DS and perhaps score some brownie points but I doubt most would show any grattitude for the support.
4 years ago
I think cam has its place. I’m not huge into it but it’s something I’ve done a bit. It is interactive and feeds the dopamine in the brain, I guess.
4 years ago
While camming doesn't interest me for the most part, I think camming with strangers is completely mystifying. On the other hand, given the complete lack of female contact, camming with your CF, not of interest to me but at least I understand. I've had some video sessions with my SB, both in the past and recently ... with someone you're pretty close to, it can be fun, although again, I could totally 100% see why most guys would choose just free porn
4 years ago
There are some stripclub performers that I’d pay $50 to watch them engage in a sex act on video, but the method of payment generally dampens my enthusiasm.
4 years ago
Im more into skype shows, cam shows have too many people in one room. My fav performer is below. [view link]
4 years ago
I'm sure there's appeal for people who don't go to strip clubs.
4 years ago
My understanding is most guys who pay for private are into the personal interaction. Masturbating on cam with a girl who tells you how sexy you are how big your dick is and how much she wants to see you cum.
4 years ago
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