It's pussy time

I entered the dragon and was never the same
Saturday, August 18, 2018 7:46 AM
In the back alley of cascada there is a club where barkers stand out front with it's pussy time tshirts on! Has anyone been in that club?


  • Warrior15
    6 years ago
    Do you know the name of the club ?
  • Countryman5434
    6 years ago
    No i forget you can see it from balcony straight across from azul
  • Cactus83
    6 years ago
    I believe its Gold Palace Bar. Its right next to a Caliente Casino.
  • PutaTester
    6 years ago
    I was in Gold Palace twice, for about 10 minutes each. First time I was putting up with the painfully-loud music, but what really drove me out was the annoying puta wrangler who would not leave me alone. I told him very clearly that it was my first time there and for the time being I just wanted to sit and scope out the club. His reply? "I know what kind of girl you want." And proceeded to describe the physical features of a girl that I would have no interest in. I walked out. Second time it was three-cows night. I am sure that it wasn't the impression they were trying to create, but most of the time I was there, they had three huge women dancing on stage. (Not huge in the right places.) What drove a stake in it for me was that they hired a barker named Caralo (?? pronounce Carol or something similar). (Short, in his 50s, with a mustache.) He was a mesero at La Gloria that was a total scammer/ROM (rip off mesero). He used to greet me happily on the street even after I called him on his BS and I respond with a scowl. I think he finally got the message, but I am sure that if I went in, he would be talking his shit about me to the others, so I won't go in there any more.
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