Tijuana casinos

Friday, August 17, 2018 10:15 PM
Hey guys new to TUSCL. Just went to HK last week and couldn't be happier. Maybe tj could be a one stop shop. Wondering if any tusclers been to the casinos? And how safe are they?


  • Cactus83
    6 years ago
    Going to the casinos in TJ are relatively safe. I recommend the Caliente Casino @ Pueblo Amigo. It's right across the Ped East Crossing. The casino is split into 3 buildings that offer slots, table games, and sport betting. Nothing better than winning some money and spending it @ HK.
  • Warrior15
    6 years ago
    I went into the Caliente Casino that is in Zona Norte, across the alley from Hong Kong. Not much there. About 30 video poker/slot machines. Then a bunch of TVs for sports betting. All betting was in pesos. I felt very safe in Zona Norte as there are police with guns everywhere. I heard that there is some law against card games in Mexico. If so, then none of them have blackjack or poker. Does anyone know if that is true ?
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