McConaughey line from Dazed and Confused

Monday, October 12, 2015 6:14 PM
I was flipping through the channels last night and started watching dazed and confused a movie i hadn't seen in years. Matthew McConaughey was in it(way before the Lincoln commmercial's) and he had one of favorite movie line's of all time. He said "the thing I like about high school girl's is I keep getting older and they stay the same age". And realized if you change high school girl's to strippers you can apply that to me...LOL! 10 years ago i was hooking up with 19 year old strippers. In 2015 i'm hooking up with 19 year old strippers. 10 years from now I'll be hooking up with 19 year old strippers. I keep getting older and my OTC strippers stay the same age:)


  • gawker
    9 years ago
    Which makes you feel younger?" Denial ain't just a great River in Egypt"
  • GoVikings
    9 years ago
    i remember this from family guy. i think they used this line in family guy
  • ATACdawg
    9 years ago
    Or, to loosely quote George Burns in a Vegas show on his 90th birthday, "When I was 19 I liked 19 year old girls. Why shouldn't I like them now?
  • lopaw
    9 years ago
    awright awright awright
  • JohnSmith69
    9 years ago
    Great line. I had the same reaction when I watched the movie a few months back.
  • rockstar666
    9 years ago
    I prefer late 20's to teens, but I'd make exceptions for hot, available teen girls who don't say "like" every other word. I haven't found any though...
  • warhawks
    9 years ago
    I'm growing older........... But not up. (Credit to Mr. Jimmy Buffet)
  • shailynn
    9 years ago
    $20 bucks JS was stoned out of his mind when he watched it
  • NinaBambina
    9 years ago
    Omg when I saw the title of the thread I already knew which line it was going to be. My twin sis quotes it alllll the time.
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