(In)Famous Mongers

North Dakota
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 1:41 AM
We always seem to hear about professional athletes hitting the strip clubs, along with musicians (okay -- rappers) and other celebrities. But what about other celebrities? And would we mind bumping into them at a strip club? I never expected that Charlize Theron might hit the strip clubs, but personally, I don't think I'd mind a whole lot. [view link] Are there other celebrity mongers you know of out there?


  • motorhead
    9 years ago
    Two that I've heard about -- John Goodman is from St Louis and whenever he gets back home he likes to hit those notorious ESL clubs. And Drew Carey even wrote about is mongering habits in his book.
  • BigChas
    9 years ago
    One of my sisters friends from high school tried dancing about six years after graduating high school. With in a couple of weeks a huge celebrity came in and got some dances from her. Make a long story short. She shortly left with him, got married to him. Had several kids and now divorced. And very few people know she ever stripped. And I will not give out the name, so don't ask.
  • Corvus
    9 years ago
    A dancer in Albuquerque a couple of years ago told me she danced for Bill Maher when he came into the club. I'm not a fan of Maher but guess some would consider him a celebrity? Other than that, I am the biggest celebrity in the club when I'm in the club! Ha, ha -- how's that's @motorhead?
  • shadowcat
    9 years ago
    The Clermont Lounge in Atlanta is famous for attracting Celebs. [view link]
  • jackslash
    9 years ago
    Kirk Gibson, the famous Tigers' baseball player, met a stripper in Detroit and married her. I never knew Kirk, but I used to see a lot of his wife.
  • mikeya02
    9 years ago
    Used to be a playboy type club called Players in San Diego. Chuck Muncie of the Chargers was famous for enticing the waitresses with his stash of cocaine
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