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Monday, June 8, 2009 2:32 AM
I have been in strip club purgatory for the past year. The closest strip clubs are mediocre at best. Depending on the place, I visit I might have a great time, but the next time is horrible. The girls generally lack personality and believe just bc they are willing to take their clothes off, you should get three $30 dances from them. I don't mind a $25 dollar dance of a 3 for $60, but $30 for a shortened song and overall lack of privacy just isn't my bag. Anyway, come late June/July, I have the opportunity to take a relatively short vacation 4 nights on a local within driving range. Well, that puts most of the southeast within range. My thoughts went to Columbia, SC or Miami, FL. I enjoy both places the last time I went there. Just wanted suggestions. Obviously, Platinum Plus and Tootsie's would be on my stops, but are there other things to do in Columbia in the summertime beyond going to PP. I know there is lots to do in Miami. Strip clubbing, while a factor, should not be the only factor. Just curious to everyone's thoughts.


I thought about traveling to Brad's Brass Flamingo for the $12 lap dances instead of paying $30/song here in Columbus, OH but when I calculated out the travel costs and time, I realized it would just be better to stay at home and pay the $30/song... Think about the money you will end up spending on gas, food, cigarettes, time of traveling, motel/hotel costs, unexpected costs associated with travel, etc. Also here in Columbus, OH I can get 2fer1s if I go on a slow night or if it is with a girl I know. Just wondering what is your hometown? It is nice to hear Columbus, OH is not the only rip off town.
15 years ago
gator, If you're thinking about other strip clubs there aren't many in Columbia. Obviously, there's no beach or pro sports. Most of the activity is on Lake Murray during the summer which has some small beaches but it sure ain't south beach. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, golf courses, musuems and the like around town. If you have any specific interests I can point you in a good direction.
15 years ago
IF YOU GO TO MIAMI THERE IS A TON OF OTHER STUFF TO DO. OTHER GOOD STRIP CLUBS BESIDES TOOTSIES TOO. If I had the choice it would be hands-down Miami. Summer might be a good time to avoid the humongous traffic jams. Warning: it will be hot and human. Take your swim suit. Maybe there are some nude beaches you can visit to complement the SC experiences
15 years ago
gatorjoe: the River Banks Zoo in Columbia SC is only a 5 minute drive from PP. Pop has offered me free passes and I will take him up on it when my special friend recovers from her surgery. For a small town it beats the shit out of the Atlanta zoo. There are special events there from time to time. Jazz festivals and chili cook offs. etc but you really need to follow their local news to know about them.
15 years ago
Anywhere from north Fort Lauderdale to south Miami, without a doubt. There are like 40 SCs and every one that I've ever been in down here offer all kinds of extras... and if you have any interest in latina women, you've going to LOVE it. Plus, like you said, a TON of activities to do here. If I were you, I'd stay at the beach. Enjoy the beach, the food, the shopping, the beautiful women everywhere (avoid the numerous drag queens in South Beach unless you're into that!). Ignore Madonna's in South Beach... but there are a ton of good SCs in Miami. Just realize there will be a LOT of cuban and south/central american latinas... and many of them are fucking unreal gorgeous.
15 years ago
My vote would be go to Miami, & take a detour through Tampa.(either way)
15 years ago
It looks like you're pretty well versed in the Miami scene (I've only been to the airport myself on the way in and out of the Caribbean). Maybe you want to do something a little different? If you end up in Columbia, SC, you'll only be about an hour/hour 1/2 from Charlotte, NC. The clubs there are underrated, though PP and Savannah's are clearly better overall for fun, and it's a big enough town where you should be able to find other things to do. I didn't get to all the places I meant to the last time through (sidetracked in Columbia) but you can get some good results for decent $$ at Leather & Lace South, Gold Club, and Crazy Horse. Best mileage/price and options at L&L, best girls at Gold Club with possibilities, and CH has a cool vibe but beware of activist bouncers.
15 years ago
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