Dealing with Dancer Drama

Monday, July 13, 2009 6:05 PM
<b>Strippers&nbsp;will use Drama to get money out of you where you are paying for something your not getting.&nbsp; Don't do it, especially if its big $$$.<br /> </b><br /> Occasionally, this&nbsp;happens to me&nbsp;with&nbsp;gals I had been seeing otc (outside the club) for&nbsp;motel sex and fun.&nbsp; It could be a gal&nbsp;a guy has been seeing&nbsp;itc as a regular also.&nbsp;&nbsp;A usual scenario is a gal that I had seen at least a dozen times and then all of a sudden she needs some big dollar amount or God forbid she and her children are going to be evicted.&nbsp; They will use this kind of emotional pressure to manipulate you to get at your wallet to get something for nothing.&nbsp; Almost always&nbsp;this is due to drugs or some sleazebo bum boyfrined&nbsp;pimping them out&nbsp;and then using them to get&nbsp;more money.&nbsp; This can be tough if it is a gal you really like and her performance (as a mistress, etc.) is really good.&nbsp; But sometimes when push comes to shove its time to go for the dump.&nbsp; Almost always this is the impact of some sleazebo bum BF or drugs.&nbsp; You can't control these and it may be time&nbsp;to fold your hand.&nbsp; In my view it helps to have more than one girl on the roster so when graduation day comes another player can step up.&nbsp; As I got more experienced at meeting strippers otc or fielding their hits itc, I used these situations to try and negotiate something I wanted instead&nbsp;of thowing up my hands in despair and terminating the relationship.&nbsp;&nbsp;Look for what she prings positive to the table and&nbsp;possibilities in&nbsp;exploiting the situation.&nbsp; Lets say she needs more&nbsp;sessions per month etc to get what she is wanting.&nbsp; Perhaps you can use this as leverage to get the&nbsp;cost down and have&nbsp;more fun for less!&nbsp; Of course she will try to make the time frame she needs the money tough&nbsp;for such a ploy to work.&nbsp; Ignore her timeframe, set your own in terms of what <u>you</u> want.<br /> <br /> Just say not to them trying to bleed $ out for nothing&nbsp;- their problems are not your fault.&nbsp; Only pay for what your getting no matter what kind of pressure they are putting on you!&nbsp; Hey the reason could be bogus anyway.&nbsp; Say she wants you to take her out to dinner, well thats ok and can be good for the relationship.&nbsp; What I am discussing here is big money requests where you get nothing in return.&nbsp; Now there's nothing wrong with a goodwill investment in the relationship if its within reason, but when those start mounting up well it might be time to pull the plug on the project.&nbsp; You are a paying customer, deserving respect&nbsp;and should not be burdened with their problems.&nbsp; Whether it is a GFE session otc or a set of dances itc, they should not be bringing drama (BF, money, problems, etc.) into the encounter.&nbsp; However, if they do, this could be an opportunity (see below).&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <b>How dancers will try to set you up:<br /> </b>They will use something like their Birthday to get into you to take her shopping at mall for say $250 while you nicely let her buy what she wants.&nbsp; Then they will use a fake out routine (&quot;After my shift on Friday we will go to motel, so get a room and we can have super love makin&quot;).&nbsp; Now your out $250 + $50 for room = $300 and still no pussy.&nbsp; On Friday you go to the club for her BD celebration,&nbsp; You and her and two other dancers are at a table and she wants you to pay $125 to take them all&nbsp;to VIP for Champagne party.&nbsp; She says &quot;Whats wrong honey, you seem kind of nervous - relax your my man!&quot;&nbsp; You oblige so now she is into you for $425 and stil no pussy!&nbsp; Then in middle of 2nd or 3rd lap dance in VIP she wants $400 from you to fix AC on her car.&nbsp; Of course she has to have it right away to pay the guy today.&nbsp;&nbsp;Sorta like a poker game where she keeps&nbsp;raising the pot, forcing you to either fold or get in deeper!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; So what do you do - fold at $425 or put more chips in the game, with your bet up to $825 having faith she wil come thru on her promise?&nbsp; A friend of mine got ripped big time like this (her 42nd BD LOL -&nbsp;she was one experienced rip off artist, and oldstyle&nbsp;hustler good at her game).&nbsp; He handed the $400 over to her like&nbsp;he was in a trance he says.&nbsp; She then disappeared from the scene to the dressing room where he could not go!&nbsp; Later when it dawned on him &nbsp;he had probably been ripped he started trying to find her.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Calling her cell&nbsp;he got her and she gave a sleazy excuse that&nbsp;an old BF had just insisted on taking her&nbsp;out&nbsp;to dinner and she could not refuse!&nbsp; He then realized he had been royally ripped.&nbsp;&nbsp;Here in Houston you can get it for $100 - $300 (dancers, escorts,&nbsp;massage gals, etc.) &nbsp;so even if she had come thru on her&nbsp;promise&nbsp;he would have grossly overpaid anyhow.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Don't&nbsp; let some gal like that get to you, especially some hasbeen hustler.&nbsp; If she needs money then&nbsp;make her an offer &quot;OK babe I can help you, but this is what I need.....&quot;).&nbsp; If she&nbsp;will not meet your request, then simply walk away.&nbsp; Its as simple as that - I tell them &quot;Honey, I don't pay money for what I am not getting.&quot;&nbsp; If&nbsp;a dancer you just met&nbsp;calls you saying&nbsp;&quot;why don't we meet for lunch, I need $200.&quot;&nbsp; Don't be scared, here is your&nbsp;opportunity to find out if she is a player or a fake.&nbsp; Redirect the meeting to a motel (or your place)&nbsp;if thats what your willing to pay and say &quot;We can do lunch afterwards babe, but first lets meet&nbsp;for xxx at XYZ motel.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Always take control - money is power.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <b>Drama vs Opportunity:<br /> </b>In summary, Drama is where a gal is trying to manipulate you to get money for services not performed.&nbsp; It could be a dancer trying to get you to buy her a new pair of dance shoes that costs $75 or using car trouble to try and bum money, sometimes $100's of dollars.&nbsp; Opportunity is&nbsp;where she needs some&nbsp;financial help, but instead of paying money for something&nbsp;your not getting you simply make an offer.&nbsp; This is your opportunity to find out if she will play or is simply a fake.&nbsp; &nbsp; It could&nbsp; be to get her to meet otc at a motel for a&nbsp;private session (one hour&nbsp;is standard)&nbsp;or simply&nbsp;use as negotiating leverage for the price of a set of dances.&nbsp; Money is power, especially with strippers - use it, don't&nbsp;give it away.&nbsp; Set your own timetable, its your time because its your money.&nbsp;


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