What does TJ and Jackie Robinson have in common...

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 8:50 PM
Early April Trip. Mon/Tue I've written a few articles and reviews in the last 6-12 months so this won't detail on clubs details. Just my experience this time. Meet up with Azfriole in SD at trolley. Get to border around 2:15. No wait or hassle at border cross. Hk shuttle taking off but waiting on us. Perfect, and get to HK at 2:30pm. His room was ready with a sex swing and bondage chair with cuffs (Mastersuite). I see Greenbeans ATF coming down the hotel stairs,alone, but she didnt recognize me as I used to have a big beard and not so much now. My room is not ready. AZfirole's first TJ trip so I'm the tour guide and show him around the city. I wanted to get a few supplies before showing him inside HK. We got to Revolucion st and get waters, powerades, condoms, pills, etc...ya know, the essentials. Get back to hotel and my room is Ready to go. I got the Double master suite ($102 for two nights)...stripper poll, 5 seats made to a kama sutra couch. jacuzzi which was NASTY in the end. Anyway, time for the fun : He opens the curtains AKA, the gates to Heaven ... Took a couple hours but we found Azfrioles someone . They aquaint for a short time and Greenbeans and myself send the haze. Tell her hes a virgin and dont let up from the joke. I ask her to dance on him and I will tip but bc he's a virgin, don't make him cum right away... So far one girl , Jennifer, 2 months working there, at HK interest me but ficha her and lame. Thats why we pay fichas. Dinner soon at taco stand then maybe Chicago Hunter henry gets into town meets at HK. I tell him I got the perfect girl . Jennifer from earlier . Oh not only does he find her on his own but knows her. Hes very into her sister lol. Chicago kinda a bust. Damn!! I get back to HK and they got this girl waiting for me. She is a sexy spinner. She's darker than most girls at HK, like a Dominican (someone you'd expect to find at Adelitas, not HK)... took her upstairs. We were up for a while, over our time limit by far, but I just couldn't finish. She did BBBJ (my first time in TJ no condom) which was great. We used condom for FS. When I was asked by my friends how it was , the first thing that popped in my head was it took forever...i couldnt come. Soooo many positions, like 42 positions... I Jackie Robinsoned her... see I aint racist! See, for those that don't know me, I try to correlate something to my experiences. when I said 42 positions, I could only think of #42 which J-Rob wore. I do this with lots of things. If you read a past article, you'll see I ran through the curtains of Chicago club bc I heard the chicago bulls theme song (allan parsons project) and made me feel like part of their lineup ...lol Anyway; Wasn't much more from Monday bc my chicago club girls ended up a bust. Tuesday : find a SG and get out of system. I find the cutest big ass girl I can in the main alley. She was between the corner and cascadas in the alley. Tight jeans, ass poppin. very cute too. All I wanted was something quick, didn't care about much else. something to get my nut off basically. easiest position for me is girl laying on stomach and me behind her. basically doggy but laying down. biggest ass helps. $40 later, a quick thank you, and off i go (i think it was actually $34?) Okay its out of my system. Hk Tuesday. Mia kalifa face look alike. Very sexy . Another missed opportunity. Adelitas annoying as fuck today. Azfriole and I go there and just HOUNDED by every masero and female. Quality was low too. I wrote a review of Adelitas on this if you want more info. Nerdy schoolgirl look Frieda $100. I scouted her for like an hour. LETS GO! ARRIBA! no kissing was her rule. She was alright.Probably middle of the pack of my all times as far as the sex experience went, but definitely one of the cutest, so that made up for it. We Shower after and go back to HK and part ways. Never found another girl at any club I was interested in and time was running out. Azfriole and I had a plan to check out at 2am , shuttle, cross, blue line, shuttle to airport and home we go. Its like 1:00 am. Decision time... I get some carne asada tacos from typical vendor. $5 after tip. Goto room and eat. I got like 40 min now. goto HK as see Johnny. he buys me couple miami club dances. i wasn't feeling the girl, esp for it being the miami room. I goto alley wanting one more... I see this cute girl opposite side from hotel. seen her couple visits but never took her. I ask her rate. $40 all in. Okay lets go. Expected a quick boring but I was pleasantly surprised. BJ and couple positions, and she was moving around. Lots of SGs just kind of sit there, but I got lucky this trip. Both SGs were as good as nerdy HK girl sexually. The other HK girl topped them all though...but still very happy . For $80 for 2 FS SGs was much better than the $100 HK nerdy girl... Anyway, I message AZfriole i'll be a few min late to checkout as I needed to shower (well wash up) quickly. Get to checkout at 210, and we are out by 220. shuttle was ready for us (usually takes a little time but not this time) and no line outside crossing building, but inside there is a line to jsut about the outside. ONLY one line is open. after about 5-10 min they open a second line and that clears up the line pretty quickly. Heres the issue : we didnt plan for the stars to align and get to SD so quickly so we had an hour before the blue line started back up and it was cold. We got a lyft to go straight to airport. $30 after tip so 15 each. not bad seeing it would have cost us $6 each taking the blue line and busline, and we would have had to wait in the cold for an hour)...our lyft driver got us to the airport in like 15 min i swear. He was flying! got to airport and security is closed so we had to wait . I was first person through security! Check that off my list lol. Anyway nodded off a little at airport before making it hope. Another tj trip in the books.


That was a fun trip bro! Looking fwd to our next in a couple of weeks. You left out how I came bragging to you about the cute little SG I had banged in the afternoon and then how you pulled up a picture of her to the reply "yea I banged her last trip!" Doh! Too funny Eskimo bro
2 years ago
LOL yes, eskimo brother. I didn't write that in my notepad which is why I didnt write it here. I told you if I dont write it down, I'll forget !!! more stories for the book coming soon! looking forward to it! Redbaron12 just booked his flight he texted me. He was flying home on the 22nd from another trip and when I let him know, he worked things around and he's going to fly into SD sunday instead of going home. I could prob get y'all linked up sunday if ya want though he'll be working monday so when he's off work i'll be getting in town soon after.
2 years ago
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