Listening to Strippers, and Loving Them Anyway

In NJ. Goes to Pa for BJ.
Wednesday, November 3, 2021 2:02 PM
The problem isn’t talking to dancers. It’s listening to them. Talking with people is a habit I can’t avoid. Jobs and life have put me in conversation with pretty much any type you can name: the elite intellectual and the unremarkable everyman, the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the hideous. Liar, saint, or psychopath, there aren’t many types I don’t know. I know people who devote their lives to others. I know people who killed for money. And dancers. There is no single dancer type. Their conversation is as diverse as their looks. Except for one thing. With too many dancers, it’s hardly ever normal. If you’re listening, you’ll likely hearing things you’d rather not. But if there were a “regular” for dancers, it would be dysfunction. Like this one. Because she had a truly outstanding pair, I sat barside one afternoon listening to her describe life at home. Special needs child. Heroin-addict daughter. And that’s just to start. The addict was the child’s mother. The dancer was caring for both daughter addict and her child’s child. What started this sad glimpse into her desperate, ill-fated world was the daughter had just wrecked the car. A day in the life. Poor judgment is par for the course too often. Like the gorgeous young women who pulled my dick from my pants and observed that I was circumcised. Enough said, right? Proceed with the blowjob plan? Nope. She thought this would be a good moment to discuss the pros and cons of circumcision. Are you happy with your circumcision, she asked. Huh? Could it wait until I cum? Because your tip will. Pathetic is available in abundance. One dancer was one of the best at a certain club. She could sell it. And she could deliver. I asked her what brought her into this place, an establishment known as much as brothel as a bar. She told me her stepfather dropped her off here at age 18. She’d been giving it away to the local teens. He’d told her if she was going to suck and fuck, she might was well make some money on her knees or her back. What a parent he was. She was a suicide not long after. More pathos. The other dancer stole $400 from me! How did that happen? I left my money in my purse in the back, and she just took it. Someone stole $1,700 from me at a club. Why were you carrying $1,700 at a club? I forgot to take it out of my purse before I went to the club. There’s a theme here. Dancers raising cash to bail out no account boyfriends. Dancers raising money for lawyers so they can sue for custody of kids. Dancers earning so boyfriend can buy his drugs. Dancers needing cash for another fix – and another – and … Conversation isn’t easy even with the ones whose feet are more firmly on the ground. One beauty gave an outstanding blowjob in the back for not much cash at all. What it didn’t cost in cash it cost in time and attention,however. Before she would take you back, she wanted conversation. Her version of conversation was she talks, you listen. You listen to endless complaining. Money. Men. Women. Weather. Anything and everything. Rather than GFE, it was the wife experience. Only the BJ was better. One of the dancers who fucked me most and best met me OTC one time. Can’t recall whether her license had been suspended, her car wrecked or both, but I had to pick her up at her shabby home. That was depressing enough. Worse was her choice of topic for the ride. I’m going to spare you my pain and recount only how (in her mind) her addict boyfriend somehow foretold her impending catastrophic illness, sending her to the emergency room just in time for a doctor to attempt some unheard of therapy that staved off death or lifelong paralysis, allowing her to make a full recovery faster than anyone expected. No adverse side effects on mouth, pussy or price that I could discern. And on and on … I’ve had enough civilian pussy to know that few things in life are free. Most of the sex came with more conversation than I cared for. The difference is the content. No lawyers vying for partner in the clubs. Not even moms POed about the PTA. Nope. Sadly, it’s most dope and dopes. Not all. Mostly. But I’m still listening – because they still make me come.


  • magicrat
    3 years ago
    I once sat at a bar between two strippers who were having a conversation with each other. I think I had to leave before my head exploded.
  • g3ne01
    3 years ago
    Excellent article, friend! I laughed; I cried! Seriously, really fun read!
  • Grmi
    3 years ago
    Thanks great read, I can relate. I find that most dancers have massive car troubles, accidents, repairs etc and are endlessly saving money to get back on the road. Funny thing is one time I actually witnessed a dancer get her jeep wrecked while it was parked on the street. So maybe they do actually have car trouble...
  • RockAllNight
    3 years ago
    Great read. I’ve heard much of the same but try to forget it all before I leave the club.
  • Circle1979
    3 years ago
    Excellent article
  • Musterd21
    3 years ago
    Can I tell you…….. you probably already heard it!
  • Mindy007
    3 years ago
    Great read...my experience talking with dancers is often similar to what you described. I met a dancer once and complimented her and mentioned she had amazing boobs. (probable the best fake boobs I have ever seen, second to my own) She then told me about how she was just getting back to dancing because she had been in a horrible car accident and had a rod put in her leg, had been in a coma for so long, and had only recently began walking normally again. This girl had on 6" heels! No way you just relearned how to walk and are wearing 6" heels. But, I chose to just say I was glad she was alright. She told me she had just purchased her boobs with the settlement money she received from the accident. lol
  • resolut3k
    3 years ago
    Great read. I laughed hard.
  • Skittles
    2 years ago
    I'm a dancer. I'm complimented on my conversation skills and my intelligence daily. Ive got a MBA in finance and my undergrad was in Marketing. I've work in a business for 20 years before dancing. I became a stripper at 40! Which totally has advantages. I am able to confidently approach any customer and I'm witty, sarcastic, great at self deprecating jokes and I usually blow customers away with my direct straight forward approach. Not all dancers are the same. Trust me, plenty of you customers can be boring or inappropriate as hell. I walk away from that type. Being an independent contractor, we have the choice of who and when we want to engage. I can say NO anytime.
  • Leonard313
    2 years ago
    I haven't had too many conversations where I actually believed what the stripper was telling me. Usually, if I let them talk long enough, they'll contradict themselves. That's the problem with lying; it's hard to keep the lies straight. The more you talk, the more likely you are to expose your lies. Usually the conversation doesn't last long enough for the dancer to get in too deep into one fabrication or another. But, once, OTC; I had a stripper tell me multiple stories...back to back...at first she had kids, then it was just a son, then the son was in juvenile detention, then she didn't have kids in the final version. She tried to tell me how she just got a new car because of a car accident...some settlement...but then the more she talked, the more it seemed like she wrecked her previous car in some type of incident (probably DUI) and was still in the court system over it. I mean, I get it. Dancers need to stay a bit mysterious. But, pick a story and stick with it! I know I'm being lied to...I don't mind being fed some fantastic story about their life or things like that. It's just gotta be ONE story.
  • Veezus1
    2 years ago
    can you give conversation tips please ? not just for dancer just overall too i feel my convos die out or i freeze up
  • LVclubber
    2 years ago
    @Veezua1 - questions. Not interrogation like questions, but "what happened next?" Or, "that sounds tough, can you tell me more?" Which are variatiosn on the same question. There's nothing wrong with some empathy. We are dealing with humans. Often broken humans. Anytime we can find common ground, that helps. One time I was chatting with a black girl and she admitted she just had a kid and the baby daddy was no where in the picture. I just let her ramble on, nodding and making affirming noises. Pretty soon, I had my hand on her thigh, she didn't move it away. Pretty soon, I was moving my hand closer and closer to her V when she said, kids suck, because he (the kid) had ruined her fun zone. We laughed a little and I said her fun zone looked pretty good to me. That ended up in me getting a great VIP with her.
  • SerenityNight2
    2 years ago
    When I was a dancer guys would ask about my personal life including what my real name is. I didn't like it when it got too personal. I don't know how dancers can reveal so much about their personal lives. Guys take things way too seriously rather than just sit back and enjoy the fantasy. I'm not much of a talker anyway.
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On the fence on this one. It's very stream of consciousness, and a little hard to follow. Flipped a coin. Green.

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