South Carolina

Reviews by msphillips

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    7 years ago
    Babe's NOLA
    1137 Bordentown Rd Burlington, NJ 08016
    Overpriced, but nice girl
    I went here on a Wednesday evening. I'm not a regular at NJ clubs, but have been all over the country. A $10 cover on a weeknight is not out of bounds for a...
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    7 years ago
    The G Spot
    1490 Monmouth Rd Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060
    Possibly the least appealing club I've ever been to
    I've been a lot of places, and this was at the bottom of the barrel. I was there half an hour before anyone even got up to dance. There were several girls around...
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    8 years ago
    Excape Nightclub
    10025 Pulaski Highway Baltimore, MD 21220
    Decent and inexpensive
    Went to this place on a Wednesday afternoon because I happened to be in the area. No cover charge, decent decor. The stage is long and narrow, with two poles. It's surrounded by the...
  • review
    10 years ago
    Dreams Cabaret
    13299 Gateway Blvd W El Paso, TX 79928
    $20 cover, typical for El Paso....
    $20 cover, typical for El Paso. Decent looking girls for most tastes, they hustle but not too hard. Not my first trip to Dreams, my friends and I frequent here when we're in town...
  • review
    10 years ago
    Haven Place Go-Go Bar
    400 N. Haven St. Baltimore, MD 21224
    This place is very much not...
    This place is very much not your "usual" strip club, unless you live somewhere like Portland, Oregon. That is the only other place where I have seen this type of club, which is...
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    10 years ago
    Cabaret Club
    4806 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79903, USA*
    Best mileage in El Paso. This...
    Best mileage in El Paso. This club is a fair bit on the seedy side, but I never felt unsafe. There's a $10 cover, which is pretty typical in EP. Very very...