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Been hooked on strip clubs since my first visit to Les Girls in San Diego on boot camp liberty in 1971. Probably been to several hundred clubs on 6 continents, never got a LD from a penguin! (Yet). Best club in the world is Showboat in Zandaam, NL, the RLD in Hamburg and an FFK in Karlsrue, De. Any club in Kaohsiung Taiwan all off-shore where extra are legal and cheap.<br> Most interesting US club had to be Mitchell Bro in SF quite a treat to be getting a full contact nude LD in the theater chair while watching that very dancer doing a bukake porno on the silver screen or watching to hot chicks doing 69 inches from your nose! Great place in late 90s but $$$$$$$$.<br> <br> Seems like new blue laws, 6ft rule and other moral majority crap has ruined the best club of the past. Some of my favs include Treasures, Men's Club, Ritz, Ricks & St Jame all in Houston, Rick's Seattle, Penthouse NO, Spermint Rino COI Ca, Body Shop San Diego, Turks in Philly, Crazy Horse on White Horse Pike NJ. All used to be great extras clubs where you could have a great time at a reasonable price. The ones I've visited since circa 2008, not so much any more. <br> <br> My current ATF is Flight Club Inkster Mi, with 2001 Tampa, Palace in The Pines Lowerville Oh rounding out my top three, value and quality falls off pretty quick from there. My current pet peeve is how greedy the clubs have got with their fees and tip outs in the last few years. Of a $175 VIP fee, the club gets $75? WTF, you'd think they were personally giving the BJ, but the are not, they're just giving you a good screwing! No wonder a class club with hot nakid women is not packed to the gills!