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    11 years ago
    the speed force!
    Strip clubs getting better anywhere?
    IMHO Detroit has definitely improved if mileage is your thing. I started going in 99 and even touching was off limits in most places. Now many clubs here are full on full service brothels where 90%+ of girls will do at least some extras.
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    12 years ago
    Detroit strip clubs
    How to get OTC
    +1 on never prepay for anything. This also goes for ITC/regular dances. I never got ripped off the few times I was thinking with my little head and did this, I got some rather lackluster performances and was rushed on a couple of occasions. If you must, show her that you got the amount of money agreed upon in your possession.
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    12 years ago
    Will my stories end strip clubbing as we know it?
    IMHO, your stories are not nearly as graphic as what some other users post. Keep up the good work. I'm sure the PDs in Detroit/Dearborn/Inkster or whatever know exactly what's going on and don't care as long as there are no high-profile issues like shootings, etc.
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    12 years ago
    I've had the chance to visit...
    Tone sounds like an employee