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Tuesday, April 2, 2024 7:31 PM
I'm going to Austin in a couple of weeks. I'm there for a business trip, so what are the best clubs on weekday evenings? Any of them have extras? Thanks


You want classy stick to yellow rose and palzio For everything else try chica's and xtc
2 months ago
Yellow Rose fucking sucks. Upcharge city and shitty options for places to get dances. Their cabanas are extra tiny and just not worth it. Palazio can offer a lot but they will upsell hard and the managers want a cut. If you are trying to make $100 go super far - good luck with XTC and CB If you are going to spend some money and depending on what you are looking for, Perfect10 North is the best imo
2 months ago
Was visiting from out of town and got scammed at Yellow Rose a few years back after I agreed to private dances with one dancer. Nobody told me before I took the dancer in there that the "cabanas" are extra or what the price was. But they forced me to pay $100 afterwards because they took my driver's license before I went (and I was drunk, so forgot they didn't give it back). And then while the dancer was stroking me, some waitress comes in and wants me to sign a paper that authorizes charges to my credit card for whatever--talk about putting me at a disadvantage! They were basically operating like an old-fashioned clip joint and should have been thrown in jail as far as I'm concerned. I wound up having to call the cops to get my driver's license back, but of course he took them at their word against an out-of-towner that I owed them $100, so I lost that.
2 months ago
FWIW - Just came back from a tour of Texas. Only went to Chica Bonitas and Yellow Rose in Austin. Sorry, don't know about extras at either club. Not something I look for. In terms of the place, I preferred Yellow Rose. Easier to park, music not too loud, nicer looking, and I didn't need Google translate. Never asked for my ID at either club. Enjoyed my dances at both places. From my experience, the Cubans were quite handsy. CB was a weird experience for me. Always approached by two dancers. Even though the dance area is a common area, it's very dark. Would have no clue what was going on next to me.
a month ago
Any feedback on North Austin clubs? It looks like P10 north has the most diverse talent but extremely pricey VIP. Foxy's seems to be open till later at night since BYOB but both Rick's and Foxy's seem to have majority Latinas / Cubans.
a month ago
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