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Planning a trip to Zona Norte April 15-18 and planning on taking advantage of the 70% off at Cascadas Mon/Tue. I think I read somewhere that you can now buy a HK VIP card in the Cascadas lobby. Is this correct?


@devl_dawgg I will play along and answer your question. Q: I read somewhere that you can now buy a HK VIP card in the Cascadas lobby. Is this correct? A: Yes that is correct. From HK website: “ Become an Exclusive VIP Gold Member Get Your $60 VIP Membership Card. Membership includes: A $80 value each visit! 70% Off Hotel Mon & Tues 20% Off Bottles Mon & Tues 20% Off in Hotel* 50% Off HK Surprise 20% off HK Souvenirs 20% Off Restaurante Azul, Dine in VIP Room Access Free: Limo Service Security Parking Personal Waiter First Drink Birthday Cakee * Buy your VIP Card at customer service * Not valid with any other offer” Since this appears to be your first time keep things simple and go with the expectation of this just being a recon/investigation/learning visit to gain information and see how things work/are, if you don’t speak Spanish fluently be prepared for “misunderstandings” real or fake; because somethings get lost in translation. Practice using a translation app if you can to be able to communicate better. Also again keep expectations realistic; the paid-for-sex experience can be an expensive hobby for most people. If you daydream and think about it at work and you spend full weekends doing research you should have a good idea about it being possible but… can you really afford it? “Don’t Buy Things You Can’t Afford” Despite it being a simple premise, many Americans buy things that they cannot afford all of the time and end up in debt and unhappy. If you really can afford the paid for-sex-hobby south of the border, just take a plane, train, bus to San Diego and then the trolley/streetcar to the border and walk across to the Happiest Place on Earth (according to Krusty) [view link] When going into Mexico the Mexican border officials might ask you for the Visitor Permit (FMM) and the permit will be stamped and the number of days that is valid noted on it (up to 180) and you keep half of the Visitor Permit. Keep the Visitor Permit with your passport card or passport because you are supposed to show it to Mexican government officials, if they ask for it, and ultimately you will have to give it back to a Mexican immigration official when you leave Mexico. After crossing the border, joust walk over the pick up place for the Free Limousine ride service to Hong Kong, the people there will be happy to help you, and tip the limo driver a couple of dollars. This is an Instagram video of the FREE limo ride: [view link] When you get to the hotel Cascadas, get the VIP card at the front desk/customer service for the discounts and offers in case you end up wanting to take girls to your room (arriba) more than once a day, and just get a “basic room”, and check in. I recommend to go to eat something light at the restaurant azul and then take a shower before going inside Hong Kong. Inside the club walk around and see if any girl is of your liking and approach her, to “interview” her to see if she is right for the “job/position” of going with you upstairs (arriba) Make sure you and her are clear about what is expected of each other, basic is full service (covered) for $100-$120 for half an hour, everything else is extra. YES; that is the basic full service, from there everything else has to be negotiated in the paid-for-sex experience. Like restaurants, every bargirl has their own menu, and rules and have the “right to refuse service”. Remember you are visiting a different country with a different culture a different language, but very nice people and really good food, an interesting “experiences” that you should be able and happy that you can afford. As long as you behave like respectable, friendly, gentleman, you will be treated like a friendly, respectable gentleman. Don’t overthink things, nothing is going to be exactly like you imagined or were told, just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best that way you won’t be surprised or disappointed. Just relax stay open to the positive experiences so you can have a good enjoyable time. Keep in mind the Russian proverb: “People greet you according to the way you dress and say goodbay according to the way you behave" Don’t drink or do drugs or do or carry anything illegal, focus on enjoying your first visit to Tijuana and Hong Kong experience, relax and enjoy the learning process. When you’re ready to leave, check out from the hotel and ask for the limo to take you back to the border and walk back to the USA. Let’s be careful out there. Remember Pics and Vids or it didn’t happen. :D
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I'll make it earlier and quicker than the above comment. Yes you can get VIP card in the lobby. When checking in, there is a guy in a suit who stands in the corner. He will get you your card. Hes a good dude too. very helpful. If he isn't there, just go to (alley side) HK entrance and get one from the counter guy. 70% of on mon/tue and 20% on the other days. Also gets you a discount on food from Azuls and senda norte (attached to tropical bar) ...i prefer senda norte. I feel the food is better and prices as well. Also when the bill comes , senda norte gives you two bills...before price and after so you see it was applied correctly. I've had multiple times at Azul they try to screw you in conversion rate. The downfall about Senda Norte is the service time. Often it takes longer to order/get meal/get bill. Im not in a rush usually so I dont mind...but if you are, then maybe goto Azul (or get some street food!)
2 months ago
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