TJ today and monday

Friday, February 2, 2024 8:36 AM
Hey Ya'll . I am heading to TJ for a few hours today (Friday) . I am going to hit my (our) local massage shop (legit massages) , get some grub and hit HK & Chicago for a few hours before the crazy night life. Then I'll head back Monday with Greenbeans for the day/night. Let me know if you'll be around , more so on Monday as Idk if I'll read this at all today if anyone responds. Kind of a last minute plan for today.


have fun!!
4 months ago
Sounds fun!
3 months ago
So Greenbeans and I went for the day and night. He had quite a bit more fun than myself but TJ is always decent. I'm going to write an article on it (I always write notes as I go along in TJ) ... From the very beginning of entering TJ made it.... interesting ...
3 months ago
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